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Topic: question about KHSO Emerald mapping

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    question about KHSO Emerald mapping

    Emerald is great and I have been playing around with it for 2 days. But I have a question: when I open the mapping function for Kontakt's own VSL perc instruments I simply select and drag over to get the sound I want (ie, roll vs. hit). But this same principle doesnt produce any sound in KH Emerald for the perc instruments...what am I missing?

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    Re: question about KHSO Emerald mapping

    I'm bumping this for the original inquiry. ALSO I am looking for good resources on Kontakt 2 programming and specifically KHSO Emerald. Don't get me wrong, within 5 mins I knew this was an awesome library but I soon realized I would love a 250 page book on maximizing its potential with Kontakt. LOL

    There is an informative PDF included with the DVDs; in the meantime I will just play around with the samples more. I have noticed that the KH brass are just as good as the Project Sam brass and mix pretty well.

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