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Topic: Sir Grace Notes not appearing this film... :)

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    Unhappy Sir Grace Notes not appearing this film... :)


    Can someone please help? I have imported a simple violin solo into a notation program, which has a bunch of grace notes. When I playback using the built-in software synth on Windows, grace notes play fine.

    When I choose any of the violin solos in GPO, the grace notes are completely ignored. Am I doing something wrong? Please help...


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    Re: Sir Grace Notes not appearing this film... :)

    Make sure the velocity is high enough, just because one sound plays fine does not mean there is something wrong with the library of the one that doesn't.

    Trust your ears and awareness of what could be causing it.

    In real life, if grace notes are not heard, the director would not say... "play the grace notes longer", rather, he would say... "be a little more aggresive with these grace notes, this hall is eating up the details."

    Also, even if the velocity is all the way up, and they still don't speak, you have probably chosen a sound like "Lush Mutes" or something that does not "speak" absolutely upon "note on" data. Grace notes are extremely short notes (as you know) so you may need to place the grace notes into a separate track and use violins sus + short KS AG, I think that's what it's called.

    If the sound I have recommended is too aggressive, and does not match your other notes, then you need to move these grace notes sooner and make them a tad longer, again trusting your ears as to just exactly what does work the best, in order to pull off what you are trying to do.


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    Re: Sir Grace Notes not appearing this film... :)

    Hi DPDAN!

    Thanks so much for your reply. You were correct! I needed to "massage" the grace notes a bit - the parameters did not give them time (or volume) to be heard, and that was it.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Re: Sir Grace Notes not appearing this film... :)

    I'm glad that fixed it for you
    thanks for the reply,

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