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Topic: Please help with acoustical problem

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    Please help with acoustical problem

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    a friend of mine has been running into acoustical problems with his home-built recording booth. The recorded speaker tracks sound canny, as in this example:


    These pictures show how the booth is set up. I suppose that the foam diffuses high frequencies a little but does not really prevent standing bass waves. What exactly should I recommend him that does not cost a fortune?
    A picture of the booth is here (don't let it confuse you, it is three times the same booth from outside in the top row).

    Thank you for any ideas.

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    Re: Please help with acoustical problem

    I am totally ignorant in this regard but I think it sounds good in that booth – depending on what you want to record though.
    At first glance it looks like there is too much diffusion in that space…maybe a little bit of overkill with the foam. It may be a matter of strategically placing smaller amounts of foam rather than covering the whole box with it.
    Sometimes the idea of soundproofing and getting a good recording space conflict with each other. Finding a good balance can be difficult if you're trying to do both. (I'm sure you know all this though).
    As I said - I really don't know anything about this stuff, so I'll see if I can hunt someone down to chime in...

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