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Topic: Interesting Prepared Piano sounds

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    Interesting Prepared Piano sounds

    Looking through the new edition of the fun KVR Audio email newsletter, I had a look at a new sampled grand piano from "Back In Time Records."

    After describing what sounds like their meticulous sampling of all 88 keys at full sustained length, something like 4 different dynamic levels etc etc--the blurb then described the library of extra sounds that comes with the $99 program:

    "...the library content includes a series of unusual prepared piano special effects. Extra metal strips, chains and rubber were added inside to provide dramatic and weird tones. Then the keys were hit, and the strings scraped, bowed and struck with several tools. The result is a 200 Mb collection of additional sounds..."

    I think that's great! I hadn't really stopped to think about it before, but to have prepared piano sounds could be very useful in a piano sample library--especially to people working in TV and film sound track work, not to mention composers working in the "avant garde" vein.

    But meanwhile, I'm looking forward to the Garritan Steinway--I have no doubts it will beat the sonic pants off the competition, even this promising sounding piano I just described.

    --Prepared piano samples though---hUmmmm, I wonder if something like that is in the works for the Garritan Steinway?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Interesting Prepared Piano sounds

    This one ???

    As far as I recall, then it got really good reviews in sound on sound.

    The Kontakt2 library also has some weird prepared pianos.

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    Re: Interesting Prepared Piano sounds

    Lhama--Thanks for the link! I just had a listen--fantastic library there at Big Fish Audio--$200. sigh--It'd be nice!

    And, from the site:

    "...The original prepared piano and the only samples ever to be authorized by the estate of world-renown composer, John Cage..."

    So I doubt any other company will be able to authorized John Cage samples--Impressive this company has the corner on this exotic little marker.

    Tom-Prince of Music--hehe, that classic bass string scrape. YEah! I want that! I'd make a sample myself, but it's been years since I've had an acoustic piano here in my home.--Well, could surely arrange to record at a church, or a friend's house--as long as the owner wasn't around to freak out as I scrape away inside their instrument.

    ---Once again I gotta ask, Tom---do you ever answer emails??

    Randy B.

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    Re: Interesting Prepared Piano sounds

    Hi Randy,
    I don't know if you're ever over at the general Sample Library Discussion board - if you are then please forgive the gratuitous plugging of my own threads - but a while ago I posted some free piano effects samples.

    Here's the original threads (I'll send you there rather than straight to the files, because these threads explain what the samples are and how they're organised).


    I'm not sure how effective they are in use, since I haven't really had any time to play with them - I suspect the levels are a little low compared to most libraries. But, hey, they're free.

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    Re: Interesting Prepared Piano sounds


    This is great--thanks Much for posting the thread links. You know, I have Never visited that Forum. I can see I can miss out on things by staying away.

    Thanks! Maybe I'll get some music going with some of what you've posted. If so--I'll let you hear!

    Randy B.

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