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Topic: first question

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    first question

    I was refered by friends at the Sonar forum. I am looking for info about virtual piano instruments to use with Sonar.

    Can anyone offer opinions between using something like Ivory/Akoustik as compared to Kontakt2 and some nice libraries?

    I want a large sample set solution as opposed to one of the small sample/modeled quick loading sets. I am currently considering Akoustik as a good start but wonder if It's inevitable I'll end with Kontakt... maybe I should just make the leap.

    Thanks for letting me join the forum.

    best regards,

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    Re: first question

    I have read that article. It's what influenced me to think of starting with Akoustik. That's is why I am asking specifically if people here have found that it may be inevitable that you end up with Kontakt or Gigastudio and lots of libraries. What I a wondering is, all things considered, are Akoustik and Ivory just stepping stones for piano enthusiasts?

    best regards,

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    Re: first question


    I have a lot of sample libraries and none are perfect. i end up usually going for TBO or Seven Seas Grand. And occasionally, the Medium Ambient Black Grand.

    I have played Ivory and liked it okay but it did not blow me away like I was hoping.
    Just start with a cheap one like the Black Grand Direct Download and see if this satisfies you.


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    Smile Re: first question

    Just to balance the argument, and confuse you even more.

    I have Ivory, and I must say, the Steinway is stunning in my opinion.

    I bought quite a few Pianos in the recent "sales" , including Black Grand, and I am not that impressed with it.

    I don't own Akoustik, but I am tempted. The registration nightmare stories put me off, but again to balance, I own Kontakt 2, and have not had a problem with registration.

    It is worth reading NI forum for the Akoustik Piano, there are some interesting threads.

    My Fav pianos are Ivory, Emporer, Pmi Bosendorfer290.

    You wont be happy until you own them all.

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    Re: first question

    Hi Mike,
    My vote is for Ivory. I record solo piano CD's with Ivory (the steinway) and I always get comments on how beautiful the piano itself sounds. My music has been included on Whisperings Solo Piano radio - http://www.solopianoradio.com - and when the founder of Whisperings, David Nevue, heard my latest CD he asked me what studio I recorded in because the sound was so nice. He is also a solo piano artist and he has recorded 9 CD's in nice studios. He was shocked to find out that I had recorded on my computer. If you want to hear what I was able to do with Ivory, you can visit my website - http://www.usfourmusic.com/music.html The CD's that I recorded with Ivory are "Thoughts and Dreams" and "Christmas Magic". I hope this helps.

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    Re: first question

    I'm, like you, a Sonar user. I own Akoustik, Black Grand, GPO which has a nice Steinway, and Dimension Pro which also has a nice Steinway. I really like the GPO and DimPro pianos for sitting within a mix very nicely and I use the Akoustik and Black Grand when I need more of a solo piano sound.
    Like someone else already said, each has its own strengths and weaknesses and you will find your own tastes will influence what you decide upon. Many of these libraries have excellent demos you can listen to which may help you in your decision. You do realize that you will need a smaple player for Black Grand?
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: first question


    Ivory is always a very good choice. But it is a bit of a beast. To get the 10 layers you do need the good 2GB plus a fast disk...

    VSL Bosendorfer doesn't sound too good to me really, and at 55GB it is quite big!

    EW Pianos should be out in a week or so (with demos as well), and well... it is 270 GB! 60 GB each piano (for 4 pianos). They are supposed to be miraculous, but who knows really...

    Another choice, altogether is pianoteq. 13 MB in total, it does sound very good, and has some extra choices that no sampled piano has! Like a true piano. The tone is not perfect but the sound is greatly customisable!

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    Re: first question

    Here is my humble opinion. I have tried many with my own computer or at a friend's.
    Ivory...I wasnt not impressed at all...10 DVDs and still I feel Akoustik is superior in almost all aspects.
    I own Akoustik but recently auditioned TBO and White Grand and I fell in love with TBO. White grand sounds great but its a brighter piano..which of course has its uses as well. There are also some nice scripts for them as well (Kontakt2 scripts).
    Right now I will probably go with TBO as my go to piano followed closely by White Grand and Akoustik in no particular order. All high quality stuff.
    I still need to try Seven Seas. I shouldnt keep talking about this cause I am trying to resist the temptation of spending more money!


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    Re: first question

    I own both Akoustik and Ivory. They are both very good depending on how you are going to use them.

    For live playing in church (big hall) Ivory just doesn't do it for me. Akoustik give me more satisfaction and sense of realism.

    At home, (small room) it is the opposite. I cannot tolerate Akoustik as it sounds like my ears are so close to the strings (again, live playing). But if I sit further away, about 10 feet, and play jazz and classical MIDI files through Akoustik, it sounds so real and convincing. I prefer Ivory for live playing at home, it's awesome.

    I also prefer Ivory for recording piano solos. Not so with Akoustik.

    Hope this helps, which is to say that you should get both.

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