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Topic: 1st post: Hello

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    Smile 1st post: Hello

    Hello Everyone,
    I just wanted to say that although I have been watching this board and the Computer Music board for the last year, I have not written because I had nothing to say.Well, now that I finally have my system up and running (I've only waited, ah give or take, 20 or so years) I seem to have millions of questions.
    While thinking about my situation I came to the conclusion that I have a foot stuck in two different worlds. Classical and Computer Music's virtual world of todays world. ( You see when I was in college I played anything that came my way to pay the rent. Solo guitar, suo, trio, Mixed ensemble, wedding, rock clubs, anything!)
    So, I am like a kid in a candy store. I am so excited but VERY OVER WHELMED becasue I am new to Sonar, I am new to Computer Music (and vst/s) I am new to MIDI, I am new to sibelius, Iam new to........You get the idea.
    Yet when I listen to you all, I think to my self, Man these cats are GOOD!!!!!
    I have downloaded tutorials and have worked on them but stillneed lots more pratice at this.....But I at least wanted to say Hello to everyone, I think you guys (and Gals) are excellent and I (think) am looking forward to the learning curve here.
    three year old E machine
    GPO Sibelius Edition (now Liberated!)
    GPO Personal Orchestra
    GPO Jazz Band
    2 Classic Guitar Degrees (or so I was informed)
    Not a lick of sense!

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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    Welcome aboard, TruckerMusic!



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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    Well, Trucker, I'm sure glad you finally spoke up! Welcome! And see you at the Tech Support Forum, General Discussion--all the Forums!

    Randy B.

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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    Welcome truckermusic,

    to a great place. Enjoy!

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    Good to have you here Truckermusic!

    There are some good tutorials on Gary Garritan's website so check them out.
    Have fun!

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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    Welcome truckermusic.

    For starters, have fun with and play around - that's the best way to learn these tools (that's what I'm doing). Everyone here is very friendly so post work here without worrying about if it's "good enough". Ask for feedback and you'll find out how helpful a lot of people here are.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    thanks for the replys.
    I have to say that I do think that everyone here is very freindly and helpful. I am most impressed with the amount of and the breath and scope of the wealth of information that is passed on in this forum....we need to be most thankful to Gary for this...Too many times people are just too intrrested in how much money they can make off of you and then when your used up, it's on to the next source of income....Seems to me that Gary is very much intrested in not only giving back to us, but also about getting the ability of making BEAUTIFUL MUSIC into everyone's hands..He seems to be making it quite and endevor...He has to feel so good when at the end of HIS day he hears some one make a beautiful composition come to life because of his tireless efforts to put into our hands the ablitity to do what we have a deep down love for thru Product / education and support.......for this we owe him a..... THANK YOU SIR!

    I have been really nosing around today and have found the tutorials and am going to try them out in the evenings and on this coming long week end. I can see that I have a hugh learning curve a head of me. But I want to learn.

    Posting is going to be hard because I only have a few small snipets of material (which I struggle for days just to write a few measures at best) and you all are so talented it's a little daunting.
    I also do not have a web site or know how or where I can post things........but that would be in the future.......I first need to write a complete composition....... and then it would need to be something worthwhile........
    But thanks to you all
    three year old E machine
    GPO Sibelius Edition (now Liberated!)
    GPO Personal Orchestra
    GPO Jazz Band
    2 Classic Guitar Degrees (or so I was informed)
    Not a lick of sense!

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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    Quote Originally Posted by truckermusic
    I first need to write a complete composition...
    Ready... set... GO! Can't wait to hear your first upload. We always love new faces and sounds in here.

    Welcome aboard!
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    Welcome, Truckermusic -

    I was in exactly the same situation as you are today about 7 years ago. I had always played keyboard and one day I saw something a TV about a guy that made tons of money making music for video games. I listened to his stuff and thought to myself - I can write better than he can. So, I did a little research and talked my wife into letting my buy my first synthesizer and music software (Cakewalk - before SONAR).

    The first thing I discovered was that I knew less than zero about making electronic music and the electronic music technology. I couldn't understand squat. I visited and tuned in on forums, read tons of books on MIDI, etc. Everybody was speaking a foreign language it seemed and the user manuals were were just as bad. Seemed like there was nothing out there for beginners. Yet, after digging in and starting at the ground level it started clicking.

    The great thing about GPO is that it is extremely user friendly. You have less of a problem becoming functional with GPO than SONAR (don't let that intimidate you because with practice you will be up an running with SONAR too.) Just remember that this Forum is priceless in the advice you will get from guys that are only to glad to help out new guys.

    Best of luck and your excitement is contagious. Think I'll go home after work tonight and work on a new GPO tune.


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    Re: 1st post: Hello

    Skysaw and Thomas

    Skysaw.........I just heard your competion piece and was looking for the rest of it.........I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    I already have two or three electronic pieces that I have put together using sonar and Computer music's free wav files..... they are not too bad......they have sound and some structure and even some automation........mostly they were exercises in learning that happened to turn out some what ok...........but I have not turned out anything on your guys level,,,,,But I see that you guys are old hands at this..........
    so thank you

    you know how I feel then..........I know that I know a little bit.....tiny little bit........I have enough experience to get me into Deep, Deep trouble and I already have the ignite books on sonar, along with a couple of dvd's and sonar's manual and I get computer music's monthly magazine and..........but you know.............I still really only know squat.......and yes you can laugh at me.....i'm used to it.

    I do have only about a million questions (give or take)
    and a burning desire to learn

    Thank you guys
    three year old E machine
    GPO Sibelius Edition (now Liberated!)
    GPO Personal Orchestra
    GPO Jazz Band
    2 Classic Guitar Degrees (or so I was informed)
    Not a lick of sense!

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