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Topic: Best Filter Plugin

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    Best Filter Plugin


    Since Antares have dropped their Filter plugin I haven't found anything half as good that can go forward into the Mac Intel world. Quad Frohmage isn't bad but I wondered if I'm missing something out there. Something with a nice natural anlogue sounding filter and a good LFO control so you can do all those choppy effects with it.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Best Filter Plugin

    you could check out the products from Audio Damage or U-he


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    Re: Best Filter Plugin

    Hi Flashman (Steve, is that you?).

    PSP Nitro's pretty fantastic. For really smooth transitions it's worth checking out Sonalkis TBK. If it's severe step-sequenced filtered chopped-up mayhem you're after, have a look at the Audio Damage Replicant or Big Seq plug-ins. Nasty, but fabulous!



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    Re: Best Filter Plugin

    The BiFilter2 and the Filterbank from Tone2 are great 'creative' filters. You should also definitely check out CamelSpace and CamelPhat by Camel Audio.

    good luck!


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    Re: Best Filter Plugin


    Have a look at SoundToys. Some say they have the best software filters ever created. Bought them not too long ago (they've only recently become available as AU's) and they're fabulous indeed.

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    Re: Best Filter Plugin

    u-he is unbelievable! www.u-he.com - his plugins are always stable, relatively CPU-efficient, easy on the eyes, and sound great. Filterscape is great, and since I got Zebra 2, I have barely touched any of my other synths (Pro-53, Reaktor 5, FM8, Absynth 4, Dimension Pro, etc..)
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    Re: Best Filter Plugin

    Quote Originally Posted by Piet De Ridder

    Have a look at SoundToys.

    Also, check out Fabfilter
    Volcano and Simplon

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    Re: Best Filter Plugin

    Great post - I've been looking for some better filters too. I'm going to check all these out


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    Re: Best Filter Plugin

    for choppy LFO filtering type coolness you could try multilens, there's a free demo at http://www.sinusweb.de/ml.html

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    Re: Best Filter Plugin

    +1 for the SoundToys native bundle, really quality and hardware-like stuff (and great presets too). Requires an iLok.

    Check also Fabfilter and Sonalksis.

    There are demo versions available for all of them..

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