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Topic: Finale 2007 GPO Starting Up

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    Finale 2007 GPO Starting Up

    Hi, All,

    I have been a Finale user since the early 90's and have used it (Finale 2000) quite a bit for lead sheets and some minor scoring in the last seven years. Last week I took the plunge and upgraded to 2007, almost exclusively due to the improved playback and bundled Kontakt Player and GPO. 2000 was never more than a simple notation program for me - I'm jazzed about being able to do some expessive sequencing with it.

    So, I've installed it and opened it up, and have no idea where to start. I know my way around the notation part of the program, but don't know where to go to begin with sequencing.

    So, what path did you take that this grasshopper can follow?

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    Re: Finale 2007 GPO Starting Up

    I suggest you start with the GPOHP Tutorial Supplement.pdf, to be found in Finale 2007\User Manual\.

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