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Topic: South of the City

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    South of the City

    It was cold and rainy yesterday, so some of the GPO musicians asked to form a trio to pass the time:

    South of the City, 3:05, 5.8Mb

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    Re: South of the City

    They did very well, to ask you for a trio. This is very extraordinary and very good music. You have to pay a lot of attention to your musicians, they have good ideas...


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    Re: South of the City

    Hey Darwin,

    The first rhythm sounds like water dripping off my roof. The second like a small runoff stream. Could the name of this piece be Eavesdropping? Nice casual piece.
    tony h
    tony h
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    Re: South of the City

    Hello, Darwin--Really nice to have some more music from you.

    Mmmmm, I loved the bluesiness of this. --Cold and rainy when you'd prefer some sunshine humm?

    You chose a Harp to join your Clarinet and English Horn--rather than a plucked Contra Bass. Did you do this since you were sticking to using GPO only, and this more closely approximated the jazzy sound you wanted? I think this is so?--because you have some pitch bend on the Harp!--ala a Jazz Bassist.

    There's a distracting boomy resonance happening with this Harp/Bass line, caused by the large amount of reverb you have on it as compared to the woodwinds. I really think you would have something better matching the mood of the piece if you pulled that reverb Way back and placed the trio in a small space, ala a Jazz club, with all the instruments having about the same amount of effect.

    Perked up my ears to hear some Jazz in here--Thanks!

    Randy B.

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    Re: South of the City

    Hmm, and all my GPO musicians do is sit around playing cards all day. Playing cards and listening to the Blues, that is.

    Sounds great. To my ear you perfectly captured the sound and feel of a very good Blues trio.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: South of the City


    They get a bit tired always playing everything written down. I know for a fact the English horn has been dying to improvise a little.


    How ya'll doin' down there? I like the title Eavesdropping (or maybe Eavesdripping). I'll have to pay closer attention to the rain/drip sounds around here to see if there's any material there.


    Yes, if one would rather be biking, the blues can happen.

    Actually, it is the Solo String Bass Pizz, played way up the neck. It is a little easier to recognize when the bassist drops down an octave now and then.

    GPO's plucked strings are notoriously boomy, especially the low ones. They also seem to have more inherent reverb than the other string patches. Not sure why, though it is a long-running complaint. In trying to achieve a little more clarity, there is very little reverb on the mix because of this. Unfortunately, this leaves the bass sounding over-reverbed and my reverb sponge is broken.

    The only solution would be to separately reverb each patch up to the same level as the bass. However, to get around this, I instead imagine these guys are in a small hall, with the winds standing forward and the bass standing back by the drummer, who is sitting this one out. Everyone is miked, but the bassist loses his feed to the sound system. So we end up with nice clear winds and a kind of distant bass. But because I'm sitting right there in the room, I can still see and hear the scowling bassist OK. Meanwhile, the sound tech is scrambling around the stage, trying to fix the problem.


    These musicians will sit on one's hard drive all day and do nothing. But if one listens carefully, one can hear some of them pining to do various things. These three came forward and formed a surprisingly tight trio right off the bat. To my ears, what they came up with sounds sort of like a cue (or maybe even the main theme) to a film noire/gangster/spy movie, though maybe with a kind of quirky angle.

    Thanks to each of you for listening!

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    Re: South of the City

    Hi, Darwin

    Thanks for the clarification on the Bass player--I kept listening, thinking it Might be a Contra Bass, but then it kept sounding like the Harp, played so high.

    Yes, I've noticed that the Basses seem to have more inherent reverb, but I think the main problem in this is that you didn't change the length of the notes. The default setting is for a rather long decay, even on the Pizz, which sounds like reverb--makes those patches sound unfortunately too much like Sound Fonts with their characteristically over-long decays.

    I would get in there and turn the Kontact player's length knob down to about 10:00--or do it with MIDI controller--which one is it?--I'd have to look it up. Playing continuously with the length via the controller would probably work.

    Even the Basses in JABB, which of course are really what you need for a piece like this, they have decay lengths which are very long--good for some pieces, but so far, I've always needed to decrease their lengths by at least half the default.

    To use no reverb at all on the Bass would help, because of course you need to choose the amount of reverb carefully for each instrument.

    I hope you can get JABB when you can. Pieces like this will really be helped out with that library!

    Thanks again.

    Randy B.

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    Re: South of the City

    Oh man,

    tha`s very nice to hear, a great wonderfull blues! I like it as you used GPO for that. The bass, ........ coool

    My best,

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: South of the City

    I reall y enjoyed this as well. Great to hear such a wide variation in styles in this listening room.

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    Re: South of the City

    Loved it! Darwin, some of the styling in this is really
    superb. Perfect for the "scene" you set, as well...

    Do you have score on this? I'd enjoy having a look.



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