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Topic: Is Gofriller now ready for prime time?

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    Is Gofriller now ready for prime time?

    Now that KP2 2.2.2 is out, I am wondering whether the various problems reported with Gofriller have been fixed. In particular, if I buy Gofriller and then install the appropriate 2.2.2 update, is it supposed to work smoothly with GPO, JABB, and Stradivari? WIll I be able to load instruments from all of them into a single instance of KP2.2.2?

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    Re: Is Gofriller now ready for prime time?

    If you are not looking for immediate Finale support, then I believe the answer is yes. The Gofriller load time issues seem to be a thing of the past in 2.2.2, and standard use of the player seems to be working very well so far in combination with the GPO KP2 update and the Strad (2.2.2 also apparently fixed the Strad load time issue as well). As I understand it, Finale integration is due to be fixed within the next few days - this will require the HP fix from MakeMusic, and an updated Finale patch file from Garritan. I think if you order soon, by the time you receive the instrument, things *should* be in working order.

    Good luck,

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