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Topic: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

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    The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    There have been many ideas and suggestions about the future of the orchestration challenges posted in the "Vote for #12" thread, so, unless I missed a thread created for the same purpose, I wanted to create this thread for the discussion such ideas. The biggest suggestion seems to be a regular voting structure, such as "3 votes per person" for every round.

    Here are the "rules" as they currently appear on my archive site:

    1) Your entry should have substantially been created using Garritan libraries (GPO, JABB, Strad).

    2) The Orchestration Challenge is to take the theme and create a couple of minutes of music in the style of your choosing, doing whatever you like to the theme as long as it is substantially recognisable.

    3) The winner is chosen after the entries have been posted anonymously on the NSS forum, and the forum members have voted for their favorite in a poll. How the forum members judge which is their favorite is totally up to them.

    4) The winner of the Challenge wins nothing, except the acclaim of the forum, and the honour of setting the next Challenge.

    5) The Challenge Setter may not enter his or her own Challenge.

    What amendments do you think should be made?

    Of course, keep in mind these challenges are just for fun... they're not sponsored or regulated by anyone and there are no big prizes. It's basically just us forum members having fun with our amazing Garritan products. (And maybe learning some things too...)
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    Hi, Sean!

    Congrats on your #6 entry--I appreciate finally learning (from your post on the Vote for Challenge 12 thread) who arranged that one! You and the rest of the participants did amazing work with the theme I dreamed up.

    I also appreciate you starting this thread asking for input on the future of the Challenge contests. There were quite a few ideas on the old thread as people brainstormed on it.

    Here are the things that still seem most important to me.

    The original rules as you just quoted them, seem to still make the most sense to me when it comes to how many entries we can choose when we vote:

    "...The winner is chosen after the entries have been posted anonymously on the NSS forum, and the forum members have voted for their favorite in a poll...."

    That clearly states that we vote for one entry, not multiple entries, and as we saw in this last challenge, regardless of how the poll is set up, many people make the logical assumption that the rules are to be taken literally---they can vote for A favorite.

    I propose that this is maintained--that we vote for one entry, and then the poll is a simple accumulation of votes. With this last Challenge, where it turned out that one could vote for multiple entries, the result was tha some people had their tastes asserted several times in the voting, while others had their tastes expressed only once.

    Voting for three entries, as has been suggested, may make the difficult process of choosing a "winner" easier for the voters, but I don't think it makes for as clear a consensus of opinion as when we all vote for just one arrangement.

    On a different issue, I think it was very helpful that someone asked if they could submit more than one entry. When it was decided that was OK, it instantly made the Challenge all the more interesting. Enthusiasm of the participants wasn't curbed, and the rest of us had the treat of having a larger-than-usual number of pieces to listen to.

    There were other points that came up on the thread, and any that are still important to the writers will probably be brought up on this new thread. For me--these two points--number of votes and number of entries were the two big issues.

    Thanks, Sean!

    Randy B.

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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    I agree with Randy: 1 vote - make it count.

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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    two points I would make:

    1) I think it's ok to allow multiple votes, as long as we make it mandatory that each person has to express a certain number of votes, so to preserve the "voting power" proportion, so to speak
    2) The poll results should not be visible until one has voted, so not to be influenced by other people's votes

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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    My opinions, for what they're worth:
    1. One vote. Everyone has ONE favourite in the end.
    2. Results not visible until you've voted.
    3. Can more time please be allowed to construct an entry for the challenge ?

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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    I'm new to both GPO and orchestration but I've often seen things like this go by the wayside due to perceived lack of interest. I just wanted to indicate my interest in the challenge itself once I get some more knowledge. I also would lean towards one vote.

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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    There can be only one. With multiple votes, someone might feel obligated to behead their rivals...

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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    AH yes--From following this thread, I need to add to my suggestion list, as Viv and Roberto have, that the poll results NOT be visible until after we've voted.

    Someone earlier pointed out that whether or not you could see the poll results before voting depended on whether or not you were signed in to the Forum. I didn't check that out, because I'm always signed in--I have too much trouble getting back on if I sign out.

    If it's possible to hide the poll results until after voting, whether or not you're signed in, that would be helpful. It wasn't good this time around to be able to see the results before voting--there's a natural tendency to be influenced.

    Randy B.

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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    Well, I am with Sean. Multiple votes (up to 3) would be fine and the rest of the rules seem fair.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: The Future of the Orchestration Challenges?

    Hi, Everyone:

    I wouldn't want to complicate things, but could it be possible to have multiple votes cast so that each vote carries a point value rather than simply a single vote. In other words, when someone votes for three entries, he does so in order of preference. Say, I like Entry # 4 the best so I'll give it a First Place vote. Then, if I want to go on, I'll give the next favorite the Second Place vote. And so on. Then each entry will have the point values of the votes -- e.g., 3 points for First, 2 points for Second, and 1 point for Third. The entry with the highest point total at the end of the challenge period is then declared the winner.

    Or we could keep going as we have in the past. That's fine with me. Just thought I'd throw a new wrinkle into all this. I understand the main point of it all is to have fun with the challenges. (Incidentally, when I was in college, a bunch of us invented a game called garbage ball. It had no rules -- until we all began arguing what moves were right and fair and legal. Then we had to make up some rules. Chaos only gets you so far, I guess)

    Brian Sagraves

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