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Topic: "The 13th 12th"

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    "The 13th 12th"

    Thank you if you're interested in hearing this version of the Challenge 12 theme, but actually what I'd like is for this post to not be responded to/boosted. The time for this has passed and I'd prefer to move on. Thank you! RB
    I set myself a personal challenge during this last Orchestration Challenge.
    During the same time period when participants were working on their arrangements of the theme I provided, I worked on an arrangement also. I knew I couldn't enter it into the contest--I just wanted to tackle the same challenge I'd thrown out to everyone else.

    I wrote that Whole Tone motif the night before I posted it, so it was new to me also--I'd never done any orchestration for it.

    I met my goal to finish my version by the cut-off date, so that I was finished before the entries were posted.

    It's all GPO and JABB--and when my Strad arrived, I replaced the original GPO Strad with it, making this my second piece using the Garritan Stradivari.

    Comparing it to the entries we heard, I think this arrangement is probably the most Romantically inclined version. The opening is a string quartet, then full strings and woodwinds soon join in. The JABB Steinway makes an entrance towards the end.

    Observation--One of the most entertaining things to me when listening to all the different arrangements was how each of us approached the harmonization so differently. You'll hear that I developed a fairly prominent counter-melody to the motif.

    Now--IF YOU CAN STAND IT--hearing that theme YET once again--hehe--Here's my version--"The Thirteenth Twelfth."


    Now--I'm looking forward to the theme maestro Roberto will post for us to work on!

    Randy B.
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    Re: "The 13th 12th"

    Oh no, not that theme again!

    Although orchestrated differently, this has a “Broadway” sound to me. Not all the way through, but a lot of it. Ithink it’s the way you phrase things and some of the accompaniment figures. If I didn’t know you did show music I would have guessed listening.

    One thing I hear a little differently – you build up to the end, there is a very short pause, and then the final measure or two. When I hear this I hear a longer pause with the solo violin coming at the very top of its range, quiet yet full of passion, holding its part in the stratosphere and then the other instruments come in under how you have it written…. Oh well, that’s just me….

    Overall I enjoyed this latest addition to the Challenge 12 entries.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: "The 13th 12th"

    Hi Randy,

    Excuse me teacher but can I forget about your theme now. It's the Hell before my Heaven Aaaaaah!!!!!

    Way out of my league all this "here's your test for the day Johnny".
    I'm bitter and twisted. Si


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    Re: "The 13th 12th"


    Now THat was quite an experience. I'm having an identity crisis now, and am not quite sure where I Am either---I looked at Sound Click, and there was my picture, but it identified me, the artist, as Ray in Stirling---! And my recording is swallowed up in this HUuuuge Opera House, sound bouncing all around--ARRRrrrrrghhh---I can't hear the muuuuusic now---!!!!


    OK, I get it--You keep mentioning Heaven and Hell in connection with this theme--So now this is MYYyy HELLLLLL!!!


    Randy B.

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    Re: "The 13th 12th"

    It's OK , it's your name embedded in the file.
    I'll remove it again Randy, it just seemed the easiest way to let you hear it through altiverb


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    Re: "The 13th 12th"

    hehehe, Ray, you can leave things as they are my whacky Scottish friend. Don't change anything on my account. I enjoyed the topsy-turvy trip through "Raymond in Stirling-land." Is my mirroring of your humor not quite coming off right?

    As far as the reverb goes, well, seriously actually, I've always had a distaste for those HUUuuuge reverb settings that make me feel like I'm listening from outside an empty aircraft hangar.

    But it was---interesting.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "The 13th 12th"

    Trent! I got so side-tracked with Ray's unexpected side trip with this post, I forgot to thank you for your reply.

    Interesting description of how you would have arranged the ending differently. I followed what you were saying, and see that if you had been doing the arrangement I'm sure that would have worked nicely.

    I should have gotten this up right after the contest probably--I Do believe we're all a bit burnt out on this theme.

    But I wanted to share my studio's output for the month so far, so stuck it up here anyway.

    Thanks again, Trent and Ray!

    Randy B.

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    Re: "The 13th 12th"

    Randy, I looked at this theme, of course, when it was
    presented in the Orchestral Challenge. (I don't participate
    in that, alas, because by the time I got one done, it would
    probably be six months too late... rofl. Someday, someday,
    I just gotta learn to write, instead of endlessly sorting
    through Band-In-A-Box renditions until I find one I like.)

    Frankly, this theme struck me as a "challenge", indeed;
    straight out of the devil's back pocket.

    I had to listen to this several times across a few days to
    find my way inside the thinking on this; but once I did, I
    found an engaging, worthwhile, and ingenious exploration.

    While I agree with Trent that there's quite a bit of doffing
    the cap to the idioms of Broadway and the musical stage,
    my immediate thought was, by gosh, but the drama and
    sweep of that is just what the theme needed to imbue it
    with some life and color and magic.

    Solid work, my friend, with thematic material that demanded
    some serious craft and thought to bring forward.

    My best,


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    Re: "The 13th 12th"

    David, my friend, you certainly gave this project a thoughtful listen, and I thank you.

    Before your reply, I was actually a bit relieved to see this slip quickly off the front page here, deciding it was perhaps a bit of an ill-advised thing to post. As Trent said, in good humor, "OH NO, not THAT theme again"--hehe. Well, I am happy enough with what I did with my theme "straight out of the devil's back pocket" (quite a phrase, that!) and so don't actually regret either doing it or putting it online--but really, we have Done this --and I'm not surprised at the general lack of interest.

    I wasn't consciously thinking of theatre when I worked on this, but I admit to wanting it dramatic and with a Romantic largeness to it--I guess maybe theatre is in my blood even more than I realized!

    I'm glad you found value in it. Now, I'll have to wait all the longer before putting up what I'm even more eager to share--thanks to You! Joshing. I'm pleased you took the time to dig in and reply.


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