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Topic: Hello from a new guy

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    Hello from a new guy

    Hi everyone. I just stumbled upon this great site. I am a musician/ composer and recently (well, 3 years ago) signed on with a music library in the States. I am just now starting to get placements. These are mainly radio cues. Spike TV, The Dudesons, TNA Wrestling and most recently a UFC spot for Chuck Liddell.

    I want to broaden my horizons and become more proactive with my music and business wise.

    I look forward to getting to know you all and learning from you!



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    Re: Hello from a new guy

    Wellcome Aaron!

    You won't learn much from me since I'm not a pro, but this forum is full of knoledged people, so you won't regret. And if I can help on aything, I'll do (don't ask me for money please, I'm really poor)

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