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Topic: The mixing hell

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    Unhappy The mixing hell

    I'm in the last steps of completing my project. Let me tell you that wrapping and orchestra with reverbs is like walking on a tightrope.

    Clarinets and basses are tricky especially when CC #11 is used for crescendos. A little to much of reverb applied may make those instruments jump out of the row quickly.

    The monitors used are Yorkville YSM2P. Though they lack basses it does not explain why some notes are not heard in a flat stereo setting but are to loud when the bass (or beat) switch is put to on. The Tuba is not as obstinated as ContraBass.

    It may sound great in some headphones but awful on others ones. On stereo system No. 1 it's ok while On stereo system No. 2 it's all wrong.

    I'm affraid of the brain taking gradually the control of the mixing operations and killing all the emotions in my music. At the end everything could be well balanced but dead.

    Before buying any new library I will put my money on good monitors.

    Thanks for listening, that was my rant against Georges Bush.


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    Re: The mixing hell

    Hi Serge,

    i feel for you too, i hope you 'll find a solution.

    i agree with everything stephen said.

    i will only add how much proper acoustic treatment
    for mixing rooms is important.

    though i am only a novice ( maybe you've already done that )
    you can try to listen to each
    instrument separately at first
    and remove some bass on each of them
    to hear if it makes everything more balanced
    ( even try volume automation).

    i suppose great reverb makes everything easier to balance,
    to fit in a mix and/or making instruments more mono too.

    those were my 2 euro cents.



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    Re: The mixing hell

    Monitors? :'(


    don't have monitors! I'd love to have them! Problem is simple:
    Wife will never notice a new sample library in my computer, but will sure as hell notice some huge monitors costing above 500£ for definite! Plus if I ever showed you my work space you would go "WOW! You fit in there? you're a tall guy!".

    Needless to say my major buys include monitors and midi controller (yup, I do't have keyboards in my house and I'm a pianist)!

    Now a cookie to those who tell me how many times I've ranted about this online? (my guess is a 2 digit number :P)


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    Re: The mixing hell


    Imagine that I've had a piano in my house sinec the age of 5 until the age of 25 or something... Every single day I would play (for hours)...

    I mean... Just

    Now, I do believe that it's mainly a problem with space over here:

    In all honesty the picture is taken while I'm outside the room. It is a room 2x3 max (probably less), with suitcases on the right, and a wardrobe again on the right...

    Where is the cry emoticon?

    Still... I will be moving to a great place in 1-2 years, where I will have a big (BIG!) room to myself to actually build it any way I like! Until then I'm hitting my head on the wall, cry a lot, ask for "special" favours of my wife and other things...

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    Re: The mixing hell

    Hi Laurent , everything is well recorded by section so it's really a reverb problematic. And Stephen you put it right on, thanks for your observations.

    I master slowly the winds effects with reverb, it's manageable. But some boomy pizzicato bass notes are very hard to balance in different audio systems. Well, having cheap equipment (for a while) may lead to better skills.

    Nikolas, so easy to resolve, buy your monitors and put flowers on top. Your wife will love it

    Are the Orchestral CD recorded on stage have a little or a ton of EQ manipulations before finalize the product ?

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    Re: The mixing hell

    One problem I've run into is this. Reverb that sounds fine premastered, can (or will) become louder in relation to the dry mix, as a result of mastering.

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    Re: The mixing hell


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    Re: The mixing hell

    Thanks Stephen,

    The balance of the dry/wet for those notes should help a lot. I'm glad these technicals problems are already well known instead of related to my setup equipment. That means for me I'm a serious student.


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