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Topic: alternate mode and K2

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    alternate mode and K2

    Hi all,

    I have Strings 1rst edition (vsl) in giga format and need to use the library on a Mac with K2.
    The conversion seems working well. But how using the alternate mode (for example, short stac alternate) ?

    Thanks for your help,


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    Re: alternate mode and K2

    You can write an alternation script (or ask someone to do it) or use round-robin as Group Start option to alternate between the groups. The latter is the easiest. Say you have two groups. Then you add a group start option for the first group: cycle-round-robin, position 1. And for the second group: cycle-round-robin, position 2. That's it. (To find the place where you can add these start options press the 'Group Start Options' button in the Group Editor.)

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    Re: alternate mode and K2

    Thanks for your help Kotori. I have founding the script machine effect on the native site, but wasn't able to use it.
    With your explanation (I must say that I'm not a kontakt "editor" at all!), I located it in my program.
    Thanks again,


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