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Topic: Sonar & Strad [KP2]

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    Sonar & Strad [KP2]

    Just a minor question.
    When I load in Sonar this Strad with KP2 as a VST instrument I see three different versions: KP with 8 out, KP with 16 out and just KP.
    When I insert it as a NI - NO VST - then I see just one KP2.

    What is what?


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    Re: Sonar & Strad [KP2]

    The KP2_8 and KP2_16 can max have 8 respectively 16 mono out channels/4 respectively 8 stereo out channels. This is to save RAM. The ordinary KP2 can have up to 32 mono/16 stereo channels; the tradeoff is more RAM usage. This is for VST. The DXi version only exists as 32/16 channel out. Maybe its RAM management is more flexible, I don't know.

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    Re: Sonar & Strad [KP2]

    Thanks Nickie


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