1. When I use two instances of the same instrument based on kompakt engine and it starts to glitch when I'm using the Multiprocessing Engine option in Sonar.

2. When I mess around with the internal reverb in the kompakt based instruments and appears a horrible noise clipping the signal.

3. When I'm using only a few tracks and one effect and my audio engine simply stops.

4. Dropping with no reason.

5. When I try to open my project with many tracks and effects and it crashes, so I need to open in safe mode and disable each one of the instances at time to find out what's crashing my project. But the fun thing is that it always work when I'm working on it, but it crashes when I try to open it again.

6. When I change some patch on Vapor and it crashes the Sonar.

7. When I'm applying some instruments of effects and the Sonar simply quit itself, no warning at all.

Anyone has some story to add?