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Topic: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

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    Exclamation GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    There has been a discussion going on regarding mixing and GPO that has moved significantly into a reverb discussion. If you haven't read through it you should!

    A discussion has touched the topic of convolution reverbs and various products that provide this kind of reverb. If you are not familiar with what convolution reverb is you should read up on it. Basically, it is a method for creating reverbs based on impulse responses that are created in various spaces. For instance, people create impulse responses in cathedrals, bathrooms, jazz clubs, boxes, vacume hoses(!), studios, forests, you name it it has probably been done. The impulse responses are then loaded into a convolution reverb program and viola! you have a reverb that *ahem* reflects the environment the IR was made in. For more information on convolution reverb go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convolution_reverb

    For the best free convolution reverb software available go to the SIR website:
    http://www.knufinke.de/sir/sir1.html Also check the links page for links to tons of IRs.

    Now to the point of my post. (Finally!) Altiverb is the best IR product available for orchestra work. However, it costs about $525 so for many people it is not a purchase easily made. The Garritan ambiance reverbs are terrific also, however there may be times when someone is looking for something a bit different.

    I thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone is using SIR or another product that has IRs that are publicly available for use and free of charge. (Or if you have an IR package you really like post it too.) It would be cool to see who is using what as it might help others get a particular reverb they are looking for. I personally have not used any, however I intend to and will post my findings as I test.

    So, if you have any IRs that you think others would be interested in using, post them in this thread!

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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    I have started some months ago with SIR (EUR 0), then ConvoBoy (EUR 20 or so), both with a free IR of the concertgebow orchestra. Looking back I assume this IR was probably a ripoff but I did not know then.

    Then I switched to Pristine Space (EUR 100 or so) and Peter Roos' Samplicity IRs.

    My secret weapon was to combine this with Cinematic Reverb which has a very charismatic sound.

    Since a week I have switched to Altiverb. It is gorgeous. This is the first time I can record with the original IR that I will be using for mixdown without added latency, and I decided that I need this.

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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    I must agree with Hannes,

    I have just spent the big bucks on Altiverb with doubts about it's worth but not now. No having to set ratios between dry and wet mix. Just the adjustment of the wet mix to taste. "BRILLANT" worth every penny.

    Ray (empty pockets)

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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    "The impulse responses are then loaded into a convolution reverb program and viola!" Lol he he he, cant believe ive never heard that before! anyway...

    Hannes - what
    is this "Cinematic Reverb" you speak of? For some reason it sounds exactly like what i need! any info would be much appreciated...

    Stephen - thanks for the outline. you say some pluggins are good for "offbeat sonic manipulation stuff.". could you point some out to me? the reason i ask is that im doing my final electroacoustic composition for uni and im looking for some new effects/pluugins etc to create some more unusual audio material!



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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    For the hobbyist:

    I also use SIR (PC Only), because it is free, and the free impusles at noisevault.com - under Real Spaces the 350seat and 1800seat, but mainly the 350seat. I use 6 impulses from the set (using more does not seem to help), with each instrument using the nearest impulse. Sometimes, I use a small amount of an additional 6 of the rear facing mikes to add depth.

    mp3 examples can be found at http://ybacuo.wusik.com/
    especially the Franck and the Beethoven (and the YBaCuO),
    but I am not a sound engineer and I have no desire to learn.

    Good luck,

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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You


    Thats all there is to say. XD
    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    Just a note, if it hasn't come up before:

    While the convolution presets in K2 Player may be broken, the included IRs are in fact unencrypted WAV files that you should be able to use in pretty much any convolution reverb. They are located in the player (not library!) installation folder, under presets/impulses.

    (Same goes for the full Kontakt 2 product, but the IRs are buried a little deeper, under presets/effects/convolution...)

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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    WizooVerb W2

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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    Yeah, the convolution reverb sounds great!
    I'm also using VST 3D-Reverb as room simulation, it is similar to Cinematic Reverb likes Hannes_F mentioned (Thanks Hannes). It is used very little CPU resource and simple GUI design (Free beta version for PC Only).
    The link can be found as follows:

    MP3 Bigband demo song also can be found here (The full Orchestra Demo song will be later in case you are interested)

    I would interest to hear your comment or feedback, so that might be we can do some custom presets for GPO as well, for example...

    My best,


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    Re: GPO, Reverb, IRs and You

    Quote Originally Posted by BenNichols

    Hannes - what is this "Cinematic Reverb" you speak of? For some reason it sounds exactly like what i need! any info would be much appreciated...
    OK, I am googling it for you, hehe:


    Done by our very own gregjazz, and I really love it as an addition!

    All your strings belong to me!

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