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Topic: Any EWQL Brass giga format owners here?

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    Exclamation Any EWQL Brass giga format owners here?

    Before i purchased gigastudio, i bought EWQL Brass for Akai S5000/6000. Note, i dont have an akai sampler. I simply bought the akai version because its easy to convert to another format.

    I'd like to have the gigastudio format of this beautiful library because it'll save me a lot of programming time. The manual for this library says that the gigastudio format has modwheel support for sample transitions. To do that on my own would be a PITA, and the conversion is not 100% faithful either. So i humbly ask anyone here to upload the GIGA format library (to an FTP server i have - the process is painless) so that I don't have to go thru manually patches to sound good. In return, I'll trade you a collection of giga files that are converted soundfonts of excellent quality.

    I can upload photos of the EWQL Brass Akai version incase you doubt that I have this version. Its just that I'd be doing better with the gigastudio version. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Any EWQL Brass giga format owners here?

    I wouldn't expect anyone to honor that request.
    If you want to be a true GS geek learn how to use the editor. It's actually the real workhorse of the program.
    I have the Akai samples and it's one of my projects to learn the editor and turn the library into a custom library.

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