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Topic: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

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    Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    Just finished with the latest round of updates to my amorphous overture compiled from various related or unrelated themes (originally "Overture from the Taste of Sunrise," posted a while ago). "Epic Overture" was born out of a play performed by my school drama club last year, but the play, with its small-town setting and theme of deafness, doesn't have much to do with the music anymore. I guess this music is the last thing you would want to hear as a director working with a composer because it is totally ill-fitting. Fun to write, though. Check it out.

    All sounds are GPO and JABB. Sonitus-fx reverb. Notated and played back in Overture 4.0 for PC (there's no human performance involved).

    I tend to always be working on this thing... any criticisms? The more changes to make, the better, I figure.

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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    i thought it was an awesome piece with tons of different parts and themes, but it avoids sounding like a medley. i feel like you could make 10 songs out of it, but it still works well together. you have nice trasitions between sections, which i always find to be the hardest part.

    i don't really know what else to say other than you have a lot of really nice stuff in here - especially the intro. and also, you said you always work on it - is it done? or is there more?

    great stuff.
    -Keith Fuller

    iMac Quad i7 * MacBook Pro * Logic Studio 9 * WD 320GB & 1TB Externals@7,200RPM * Presonus Firebox * M-Audio Axiom 25 & Keystation 61 * Rode NT1-A * Epiphone Hollowbody * Fender Amp * KRK Rokit 8's

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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    Hello Henry,

    where can I see the pictures from this excellent filmscore???

    Absolutly excellent!

    You have arranged and recorded it very goood! As I said, for me it sounds like a filmscore, a great filmscore, and with this score you gave us one more good example how good GPO and JABB can sound

    Thank you for letting us hear this great work.

    My best,

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    Hi, Cerrabore

    Maybe you can help me with a technical problem I have with your link.

    When I click the link and get to the page with the Overture link on it, I get a security alert saying that my current security settings don't allow opening this file.

    I have Never seen that message before when trying to listen to anyone else's music. --?

    With all the problems I continuously have on this computer, I really don't want to go changing whatever settings are involved here.

    Hummm. Perhaps if a direct link could be listed, which brings up the download pop-up immediately?

    If you have any ideas, please let me know, because I really want to hear your piece.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    Superb Henry! Really atmospheric and gripping writing. A great ride through an ever changing musical landscape. The various themes have a coherence that kept me captivated to the end.

    And some stunning rendering too! I've made a note of your use of Sonitus as I'm keen to try to capture some of the 'space' that you achieve with this production. It sounds awesome.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    Thanks for your comments, all. Developing this into a full score is definitely a summer project I'm looking at.

    Graham, the specific reverb was "Large Hall" in stereo. It was definitely a lucky find; Sonitus seems to more acutely define spaces than the default Garritan reverb does.

    rbrowser, I'm using a free hosting service that seems to "deflect" direct links. It should work if you open it in a separate window, though:


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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    Thanks for trying to help me out, Cerrabore, but it still doesn't work for me. I've tried changing something temporarily in my McAfee Security settings to no avail.

    As I said--very odd--This is the only time I've Ever seen that message.

    A site which is very user and visitor friendly, designed for easily sharing files online is at:


    It's a free storage service which INVites rather than deflects direct links.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    [QUOTE=Cerrabore]...the specific reverb was "Large Hall" in stereo. It was definitely a lucky find; Sonitus seems to more acutely define spaces than the default Garritan reverb does.QUOTE]

    Henry, thanks for the info. I was going to ask about the settings - but refrained from doing so as I didn't want to create a distraction from feedback about this superb composition.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    rbrowser-, try this.

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    Re: Epic Overture (a Prelude to Nothing)

    Thank you for her persistance, Cerrabore--The new link works for me, and may come in handy to some other hapless soul. It doesn't stream instantly like on the Box link, and the page is full of pop-ups, cookies which I blocked, ads etc--but I could download, and that's the main thing.

    AH, now I'm finally enjoying the popcorn-at-hand, highly enjoyable experience of hearing your quasi-film score. It was well worth the hassles of trying to get at the link.

    Really nice melodramatic turns and pounding white-knuckle scoring. Excellent job with the instruments, with none of the overly-perfect keyboard-chord effect one hears too often. I guess the heavy use of reverb fits the style of what you had in mind, but for me it verged on being too much.

    Slick writing and production--Really well done! Glad I finally got to hear it. Thanks!

    Randy B.

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