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Topic: solo strings pieces?

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    solo strings pieces?

    Has anyone composed any pieces featuring the solo strings yet? I'd really like to hear them and how they sound....

    btw: what's the status on expanded strings II?

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    Re: solo strings pieces?

    I have the solo strings kit, and have started to use them. They sound very good to my ear, but I find balancing them within, say an orchestral context, pretty difficult. This is likely because they are, er, solo strings. I would have liked a touch more vibrato on the samples.

    Here's some links to a chamber suite which features some solo strings - soloistically and within the ensemble:






    http://www.terminus1525.ca/node/49467 .


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    Re: solo strings pieces?

    Hey thanks John, they sound pretty good!

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    Re: solo strings pieces?

    I think the samples are good, with lots and lots of tweaking. However, I wanted the kit to use the solo strings orchestrally, and that almost automatically creates balance challenges. Schoenberg's Chamber Symphony with its solo strings, and a chamber orchestra comes to mind. I haven't tried them yet with say a piano in a sonata. With that, I would imagine they'd be much easier to use effectively. Cheers.

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