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Topic: Chris Hein Guitars VST-i

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    Smile Chris Hein Guitars VST-i


    I recently bought the CHG software which I am trying to get to grips with inside Cubase 4.

    I am a jazz piano player and can´t play the guitar of course. I am after some sound for guitar chord playing like Joe Pass. Much softer and darker sound than those sounds I have been able to hear in the CHG.

    Since there are a lot of variation possibilities in the CHG maybe someone could kindly give me some idea how to come close to the sound mentioned.

    I would be very grateful.

    Keep swingin´


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    Re: Chris Hein Guitars VST-i

    Someone told me that Joe Pass recorded his guitar with pickup and mic.
    That inspired me to introduce the electric/acoustic control,
    which blend between pickup and mic signal. Set it to something like 5, mostly electric.

    The Jazz Guitar has up to 13 velocities. Don't use the higher velocities.
    I think, Joe would not use velocities above 70.
    You can use the velocity range knob to limit the velocity.

    Use a lot of pickup articulations. half-tone (d1) and hole-tone (e1)
    As a Jazz Pianist, I think you don't need the harmonizer to create the
    typical Joe Pass octaves.

    Cut off the high frequencies or use a good amp simulation.
    A 30 day full functioned Demo version of Guitar Rig is included in the package.
    It has some nice, warm Jazz Guitar setups.

    Hope that helps.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Chris Hein Guitars VST-i

    onurbnosslin- It sounds you are describing my favorite jazz sound although I like it even darker like Jim Hall or some John Abercrombie.

    Try a low pass filter or a bandpass filter plug in. If you have Guitar Rig- try The Pat Metheny nylon patch. Warms a guitar patch right up. Ther are several in there- but first try that filter.

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    Re: Chris Hein Guitars VST-i

    Thank you so much Chris and Artsoundz for your most welcome and useful inputs.
    I shall experiment with this a great deal.

    Keep swingin´

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    Re: Chris Hein Guitars VST-i

    Hi Chris,

    Concerning your reply I have a couple of questions:

    The electric/acoustic control - is that what is labeled in Kontakt 2 Player under Articulation - bottom knob as EXPRESS?

    Concerning Velocity I do not find the Velocity Range Knob (you stated 13 velocities available)? But under Special Effects bottom - right corner you can adjust min. and max velocity from 1 to 127. I set the max. velocity here to 70.

    Maybe I have interpreted your reply wrongly bit with those settings I achieved a pretty nice warm sound though.


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