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Topic: JABB with Vista

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    JABB with Vista


    I have tried to install JABB in my laptop. OS is Vista 32 bit home basic version. Iinstalled the program and it came up and worked one time and when the program was closed a Microsoft message box came up stating that the Garritan application has stopped working correctly. Thereafter the program would not work. I tried this three times and got the same results.

    I also installed Band in a Box and with a edirol VSC soft synth it works perfectly every time even though the same microsft box came up after each closing of the program.

    Thans for any help


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    Re: JABB with Vista

    I don't use Vista but you might want to try this, I know it's worked for other users.

    Try running JABB through Win XP SP2 compatibility mode and you might also want to "Run as Administrator".

    Let me know how you get on.

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    Re: JABB with Vista


    Thanks It worked somewhat by run with administer but the sound is very distorted.


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    Re: JABB with Vista

    Hi again everything works fine run with the administer and in setup teaking the latency.

    Thank you very much


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