Hi everyone;
I am a new member trying to build my very first DAW after about 2-3 years of only reading about it! So I have lots of questions but I'll try to be brief.

1- One feature that I want to have is to do non-equal temperament scale tuning which I have read is possible with GS3 instrument editor. Is this possible with GVI also? My understanding is that if you don't use Vista you can not fully utilize Dual core CPUs. (true or false?) Considering that GS3 does not support Vista yet (until God knows when??) and GVI does, what would I lose, if any, if I went with GVI? Do I still get instrument editor? Does GVI still upload the .gig sample libraries?!

2- I read in Support/FAQ section of gigastudio website that if you want to use GS3 on one PC and use a MAC as your sequencer you should have a word clock. Unfortunately I purchased a Tascam FW-1082 already and it does not have word clock. So do I have to have the word clock? I guess I have to get another audio interface for the 2nd computer (when I buy it) and I think if I got one with the word clock it still wouldn't help. Would it? This is what you would see on giga website.

How do I connect my Mac running my sequencer to the PC that I am running Giga on? Think of your PC running Giga as you would any hardware sampler or synthesizer (as far as connecting it). If you are using a controller keyboard, that would go to the MIDI in on the Mac, The MIDI out of your Mac would go to the MIDI in of your Gigastudio PC. (So you will need a MIDI interface on your Mac and one on the PC).
If you are recording your audio on your Mac then you would just bring the audio outs of the GSIF compatible audio card on the PC to the inputs of the audio card on your Mac. Simple as that!
*Note: Make sure if you are connecting your audio cards with Digital connections that you set up the word clock properly. Check with your audio card manufacture for proper word clock settings.
I appreciate your guidance in advance. God bless.