One of my old 21" CRT's is about to bite the dust, and due to my severe visual impairment, I am very uncertain about what to get as a replacement.

The following issues apply to any monitor I would purchase (either LCD or used CRT):

1) I cannot run at native resolution, but must use significant magnification in my basic setting, and then do further magnification within any program I may be using.

2) To see anything at all, I must invert and modify the screen image (medium green font on a black background). Bright colors, especially white, will cause my sight to fatigue out within a very few minutes.

3) Even after adjusting for 1 & 2, my nose will be almost up against the screen.

4) Sharpness at non-native screen resolution is vital.

If LCD I would consider either a standard or wide-screen monitor. The monitor would be used for a wide variety of purposes (not just music).

One alternate solution may be to try to run an LCD at native resolution, and change the scaling say to 2:1 within the video card itself.

From what I have tried to test in various stores, results are inconclusive as both video cards and the quality of the monitor itself inpact the clarity of the display. The only way I will really get an answer is to test within my own system. Thus, a good return policy for monitors that end up not working for me would be essential.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, regarding size, brand, etc. My current video card is an nvidia 7300LE I believe.