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Topic: Great & Versatile Strings for Rock

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    Question Great & Versatile Strings for Rock

    Hello all,

    I've done some extensive searching on the forums for an answer but couldn't find anything. I know these questions get annoying but I thought I would try to enlist the help of the more experienced users.

    I'm looking for a good and somewhat versatile orchestral library, primarily for a rock/pop style, similar to what one might hear in the music of Beck, Bjork, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Beatles/Phil Spector, etc.--also do some "world music" strings at times.

    1- Yes, I'm on a budget. Would like to keep it around $300-500.

    2- So far Kontakt 2 VSL is looking good because I would also like to expand to the Bela D libraries and some others eventually. I haven't heard any specific demos on that though. How well would that work for what I'm looking for? I'm open to other suggestions specific to my genre.

    3- I'm not well-versed in orchestral arrangements so far, so the bigger libraries look a little intimidating at this early stage. So easy to use would be nice until I learn a little more. Just need to get off to a good start.

    4- They will be used for final projects, so of course I want absolute (best) sound quality!

    I'm using Logic Pro 7.2 on MacIntel and so far don't have any good strings yet. I've been using a combo of the EXS samples and my Yamaha S90. Not terrible when mixed creatively but pretty limiting!

    Thanks a ton in advance!

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    Re: Great & Versatile Strings for Rock

    If you get Kontakt 2, you'll not only get a workable VSL orchestra but you'll also get tons of other cool stuff, as well as the best sampler out there (in my humble opinion ). My suggestion? See if you can grab QL Rare Instruments as well (it's only $19 from s o u n d s o n l i n e .com if they still have it), and try layering some of their middle eastern solo fiddles underneath the VSL strings. It'll take some tweaking with the mix, but you can get a pretty cool convincing sound out of that combo. Plus Rare Instruments has tons of other world instruments for you, lots of strings and winds.

    If you don't have any registered Native Instruments products yet, I'd recommend getting EWQL Silver first (on www.scitscat.com it's crazy cheap, like $120) and then buying the Kontakt 2 crossgrade ($199, also scitscat). These put together are still cheaper than getting Kontakt 2 on its own ($499?), plus you get a great orchestra package as well. And there's REALLY cool ways to layer EWQL with VSL too

    But, long story short, vsl or ewql strings layered with ql rare instruments strings would be a good place to start - ewql strings are especially good at sitting in the background behind live stuff, and don't call as much attention to themselves within a mix. You might wanna figure out specifically what sized string section you want too; some music needs a small and flexible, agile ensemble, whereas other tracks might call for a larger and more symphonic string sound. As a general rule, the more you layer in solos, the smaller the resulting "section" will be.
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    Re: Great & Versatile Strings for Rock

    Rare Instruments is sold out from SOL. There may be a few copies left in the hands of retailers, but I think the product is officially dead.
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    Re: Great & Versatile Strings for Rock

    Okay, cool.

    Yes, I'm guessing the orchestra/strings would be sitting back in the mix somewhat. I have no idea what size of sections to use yet, which has made it harder to know what I will and won't need.

    I've had my eye on Rare Instruments anyway. It looks like it's still there (in the Clearance Section of SOL). So I shall order that right away.

    That sounds like a good idea on the crossgrade Kontakt 2 edition as well. I hadn't thought of that.

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    Re: Great & Versatile Strings for Rock

    I think for this kind of music you want to record you need more dry recorded libraries.

    Also as Gary Garritan`s and Kirk Hunter`s libraries there is a german librarie whish sounds great for this.

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