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Topic: Volume? Help

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    Volume? Help

    I am starting to use the Stradivari. Reading the manual I see that the use is based upon keyboard info sent. This is what I never do, I never play the Strad from any keyboard, not now and not in the future.

    So that leaves the Midi input as a file, ready for a sequencer.
    I also found out that CC#1 is for modulation, CC#11 is for expression and CC#64 is for sustain. I can draw that in Sonar.

    But in KP1 the volume has to be done with CC#1 and the attack comes from the velocity. Using KP2 and Strad where does the volume come from? Which controller (#) or... I certainly missed something, but what.

    Raymond - today my personal velocity is at a very low level.......

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    Re: Volume? Help

    CC07 (volume) and CC11 (expression) both affect volume, the latter crossfades samples so that note texture changes at the same time. Don't forget there is also a volume setting knob on the player.

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    Re: Volume? Help

    And CC#64 is not really Sustain, at least not in a pianistic sense of the word. It does prolong notes, but only until the next note is played. It is used primarily to create a smooth bow change on the same note, when played live.

    Also don't forget Aftertouch & CC#67. They both control vibrato speed.

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    Re: Volume? Help

    Dermod and Nickie,

    thanks. Some more manual reading ahead, but when done.... my first Strad piece.


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