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Topic: Strings - Tremolo + Mute?

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    Strings - Tremolo + Mute?

    Hey all, I'm a relatively beginning GPO user (using it from SONAR 6). I noticed there is a string patch for Tremolo, and a string patch for Lush + Mute. However, I'm currently working on inputting a piece that has Tremolo con sordino. Is this possible with GPO? Should I just play the Tremolo patch really softly?

    Perhaps this is covered in an update that I haven't installed yet (just installed from the discs a couple of days ago)?

    Thanks a bunch! All I have to say, is that I am continuously amazed at this product! Great work!

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    Re: Strings - Tremolo + Mute?

    Hi Jolson and welcome to the forum! Hope you're enjoying GPO like the rest of us

    There isn't a tremolo con sordino patch as far as I know either. In Sonar 6, to get the effect you want you'll probably do best doing what you've described. Try also adding a little EQ to that track on that section (once bounced) to soften the sound a bit and kill some of the highs.


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    Re: Strings - Tremolo + Mute?

    The standard keyswitch string patches (e.g. Vlns1 KS) have sordino choices for sustain, tremolo, and both trills. Sordino keyswitches are on the "black" keys:

    Sustain = C
    Sustain muted = C#
    Tremolo = G
    Tremolo muted = F#
    Half trill = A
    Half trill muted = G#
    Whole trill = B
    Whole trill muted = A#

    The Lush patches do *not* have a similar selection so the standard patches should be your main choices when you need a full palette of techniques.


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    Re: Strings - Tremolo + Mute?

    This is more appropriate to the support section so I am moving it there.


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    Re: Strings - Tremolo + Mute?

    Thanks Reegs, it's nice to be here .

    Thanks for the help Tom. I didn't see some of those options mentioned in the manual. This is GREAT news. And why is it no surprise to find it in there .

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