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Topic: Problem with Sustain Pedal

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    Unhappy Problem with Sustain Pedal

    Hi everyone,

    I've been having a problem with the KP2 version of GPO when I use the sustain pedal and the wind instruments, particularly the Flute. When I activate the sustain pedal, the next note is slurred, but it is also dramatically reduced in volume. This is most dramatic on the flute solo V patch, where it seems to be reduced to half volume. It does not seem to affect the Jazz and Big Band Library. Is anyone else experiencing this, and how could I fix it?

    Btw, I am using a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop running Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 if that would help.


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    Re: Problem with Sustain Pedal


    I'll take a look.


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    Re: Problem with Sustain Pedal

    I'm experiencing the same problem running GPO in OVE4. What can we do?
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    Re: Problem with Sustain Pedal

    I can confirm the problem; if I recall correctly, this existed for certain instruments before the Kontakt 2 player upgrade, but I'd have to do some fiddling with older setups to verify that.

    If it helps in isolating/debugging the problem, here's a short clip that I made demonstrating the problem for one particular case in the Contrabassoon 2 Solo. This particular line is from the last movement of Beethoven's 5th (in the recapitulation). The note velocities are all 120, and the mod wheel is at s constant value of 124. The first part of the clip is with the sustain pedal; after a short pause, I replay the line without the pedal. Notice that, the first time, there is a drop in volume when the legato/pedal takes effect on the third note, as compared to the second version. This clip was recorded completely dry for clarity; the reverb just exaggerates the volume discrepancy even more.


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    Re: Problem with Sustain Pedal

    Here's an even simpler, more obvious test case: G-A-G with the pedal introduced before the second note; then G-A-G with no pedal.


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