Hi I am looking for a filter plug in and have played with all the demos. I mostly want it for noisy percussion effects a la RMX Stylus etc for contemporary music. What are you guys using? I've tried Fabfilter, Filterscape, looked at Soundtoys ( is it overkill for what I need),....to be honest I dont fully understand the parameters in these plugs,I just know the sound I want but dont seem to know how to get it... envelope followers, LFOs, Cutoff, resonance...etc etc... I write music but not great in the technology realm..( I feel a little stupid asking this) but are there any tutorials out here to help me understand the concepts behind filtering? There's a Stylus RMX MP3 demo called " I can Hear you" on the Spectrasonics site...this is really what I want to achieve...can anyone help me on how to achieve this sound? It's the way to use a filter plug with a source loop that I dont understand in order to achieve the result.... I though I might as well ask.