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Topic: Visions Of The Future

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    Visions Of The Future

    GM Futurama at the 1939 World's Fair speculated what life would be like in 1960.

    Interesting what the visionaries predicted in 1939 that became reality.

    Here's a YouTube video of GM Futurama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74cO9...kblog%2Ecom%2F

    And here's Part II.

    What is your vision for the future?

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    Re: Visions Of The Future

    What is your vision for the future?
    I would be happy with a new pair of glasses.
    Actually, pretty interestink, darlink. It was a Filmsway presentation wasn't it, Oliver?

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    Re: Visions Of The Future

    I know it was a GM presentation, but even still, there seemed to be a preoccupation with traffic in 1939... and safety.

    Who here would be happy with 1939 traffic patterns in their city? I would.

    What I did find interesting was that GM was pointing to the construction of the roadway as being the primary contributor to auto safety, rather than the car manufacturers.

    Are we going in the wrong direction? Even with the advances in brake technology and air bags and such, who here would rather be in a minor collision while driving a 1939 Chevy as opposed to say, a 2007 Prius? I would.

    A bit sad that we haven't pursued the hydro-electric aspect of their predictions more fervently. The Hoover Dam (still the Boulder Dam back then) was only 4 years old. It seems this would have been a bigger deal to promote back/since then.

    As for my vision of the future?
    • Heavy reliance on cheap renewable energy especially for transportation.
    • Intuitive computer interfaces that will respond to voice commands, touch, and visual cues from their users. Instant (RAM speed) recall of hundreds (and eventually thousands) of terabytes of information. In a tidy little unit that fits in the palm of your hand and costs next to nothing.
    • Tolerance of all cultures beliefs.
    • Attendance to all people's needs.
    • Medical mastery over disease.
    • The scorn of de-evolution masquerading as entertainment.
    • A world brought together through art, music, and enlightenment.
    • A deeper universal understanding of the mind's influence on reality.
    • Oh, an less traffic.
    Experience what is necessary to build upon self character, for that is Life's most significant learning event.

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