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Topic: GPO Bassoon Range

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    GPO Bassoon Range

    Hi everyone, I'm currently sequencing one of my pieces with my new GPO library and I've found somewhat of a problem. At a particular spot in my piece, I need a bassoon to play an A4 (A above middle C.) I've always read that the bassoon's normal range extends to Bb4. Is there a reason why the GPO library's bassoon can only reach G4? I know there are solutions to fix my problem of the bassoon reaching A4 (I'll just use another instrument,) but I was just curious as to why the GPO library bassoon's range seems just a bit limited. Please don't think I'm trying to bash to library though- I absolutely love it!

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    Re: GPO Bassoon Range

    A very short bassoonist was used for the samples.

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    Re: GPO Bassoon Range

    That's an interesting question, John

    In the reference book I grab most often, "Music Theory Dictionary" by Dr. William F. Lee, the "Practical" range for a Bassoon is listed as only going to F --!

    There's a second column on this page of the book, showing the "Extreme" ranges for instruments, and there the high note is listed for the Bassoon as Bb, as you said.

    So, at least according to this book, one couldn't say that going up to Bb is the "normal" range.

    But the GPO Bassoon actually reaches a full step higher than what this book describes as "Practical."

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO Bassoon Range

    Excuse my jokes, John.

    That did not sound right to me; so I just checked it -- I know
    I've written higher than that (Bb4 in at least one piece).

    In the full version of GPO -- the bassoon can reach E5 (a fifth
    above the A4 you mention). This conforms to the generally
    accepted full range of the standard bassoon.

    (In real life, it can actually be pushed even higher than that;
    though the bassoonist may develop unsightly cranial bulges
    from doing so for extended periods.)

    As a general rule you won't find much written above G4 or so;
    but the GPO bassoon can reach that A4.


    Ah! Now I see what you're talking about! In the standard
    1. Woodwinds folder, the bassoons do indeed stop at G4.

    However, the bassoons in the 9. Notation folder -- these
    cover the full range, up to E5.

    Now, that one, I can't explain... I always work in notation, so
    I'd never noticed before.



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    Re: GPO Bassoon Range

    All the Player2's in the 1. Woodwinds folder (including
    the Solo) seem to have the full range.

    All the Player1's seem to have the abridged range.

    Probably some sort of union thing... lol.


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    Re: GPO Bassoon Range

    The two bassoons in KP1 are sourced from different recording sessions. Bassoon 2 has always had the more extended range of the two. In the new KP2 both solo bassoons now have extended range. For programming reasons the "Plr" bassoons still have the more restricted range.


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    Lightbulb Re: GPO Bassoon Range

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Music
    Unless they've changed it the 2nd bassoon has a higher range, I know I've used it to play the opening to Rite of Spring and thats the C a full octave over middle C.

    It starts on that C, but if I remember right actually reaches the D above it. I have fingerings up to the G above that - not that I've played them for a few decades...

    Grant Green ||| www.contrabass.com
    Sarrusophones and other seismic devices

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