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Topic: Sensitive Samples

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    Sensitive Samples

    Dear Samplerers,

    I have recently started to make a very nice Taiko drum instrument. I had the good fortune to go to Japan and record some live Taiko drums for a composition project. (Kabuki 'Romeo and Juliet' in Hong Kong...)

    So far I have made the instrument so that each hit of the drum is on a different key of the keyboard, softer sounds; low on the keyboard (e.g C2) and progressively louder sounds working up to C4. Some other articultations, e.g flams roughs, rolls etc on extra keys.

    I have used Vsampler3. Now I want to make the samples velocity sensitive so I can use a 'drum pad' midi controller. I haven't been able to figure it out with Vsampler3. Any suggestions?

    If need be, I can gain access to gigastudio3.

    Chiseen (Hong Kong)

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    Re: Sensitive Samples

    Are you by chance distributing these samples? I'd love to have a good Taiko Drum library.

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    Re: Sensitive Samples

    Hey Chiseen,

    I don't know vSampler, but GS3 would be well suited. Commonly, one would just map the different intensities to progressively higher velocities, but you could also use the DEF filter, which would interpolate between the layers you record. I've posted a tutorial on how to set this up in GS3 here.

    Mark Belbin
    Wavelore Instruments

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