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Topic: No standard Strad 2 upgrade path?

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    No standard Strad 2 upgrade path?

    So, now that I'm ready to upgrade to Strad 2, I do not see any standing, standard upgrade path from Strad 1 - is this true? Not here, not at Amazon. I see mentions of spacetime.com, but that is a UK outlet, and I've had no response from them (of course).

    I'm guessing it must be right in front of me on this site somewhere, but I can't find it.

    Can anyone point me to a link for the upgrade path?

    Thanks for any help,

    MacPro, OSX 10.4.9, K2, KP2, GPO, JABB, VSL, etc.

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    Re: No standard Strad 2 upgrade path?

    Resolved, thank you - RR.

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