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Topic: Finale 2007 / KP2 error

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    Finale 2007 / KP2 error

    When I use more than one instance of KP2 in finale, I get an error "error parsing input file at line 189351: <parse error>. The loaded patch might be corrupt" and the KP2 only loads 11 of 16 instruments in the first instance (1-16), second instance (17-32) loads ok.
    Help !

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    Re: Finale 2007 / KP2 error

    Well, it doesn't seem to matter how many instances of KP2 I use.
    I loaded the finale file, cleared the second instance of KP2 and reloaded the sounds in the first instance, then saved everything as a finale file with a new name.
    Same problem again, parse error, nothing after trombone 2 loads.
    The multi I use works fine in other documents.

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