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Topic: Message to Author of the Manual

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    Message to Author of the Manual

    I searched the Forum, read thru the manual twice, even the manual in the installation package, but still it isn't there or completely forgotten.

    See page 52 under Performance view, the last sentence of this section tells me that "these will be discussed in a later section of this manual" .

    I think that this "later section" wasn't bundled with this little manual, or completely forgotten, or..... nobody knew what those knobs and settings were doing at the time this manual had been written.

    Can somebody enlighten me?


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    Re: Message to Author of the Manual


    You are right. I (and Gary ) sincerely apologize for the inconsistency of the sentence at page 52. It should have been written as follows: “These will be discussed in an earlier section of this manual”

    Pertinent information can be found at:

    Page 40:

    “NOTE: the default range of vibrato rate will be probably suitable to most needs. There are circumstances, however, such as the necessity for a slower rate, or an excessive sensitivity of Aftertouch, where a lower range may be preferable.

    TIP: The offset of vibrato rate is linked to CC#67. If you have a slider that can be mapped to CC#67, you may directly control this parameter in real time. The minimum vibrato rate will range from approximately 4.6 to 7.0 Hz. You may also easily modify the offset of vibrato rate by acting on the left knob in the Script Panel, which reflects and has the same effect of CC#67. The default value is 74.”

    Page 40-41:

    “Inhibition of vibrato during rapid pitch changes. A Violin player may choose to maintain vibrato while slightly detuning a note. However, when performing a more rapid and defined pitch change, vibrato is usually avoided. The Stradivari Solo Violin exactly reproduces this behavior. You will notice that slow detuning by the Pitchwheel does not inhibit the ongoing vibrato. More rapid changes will transiently switch off vibrato, restoring it to the actual value of the Mod Wheel upon stabilization of the pitch.

    TIP: you may easily modify the threshold rate for vibrato inhibition by acting on the right knob in the Script Panel. The default value is 200, and the allowed range is 100 (vibrato inhibition on small Pitchwheel changes) to 1000 (persistence of vibrato even on large pitchbends).”

    Thanks to Prince of Music and tfishbein82, for their valuable contribution to clarify this issue.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Message to Author of the Manual

    Thanks. And all others. I've experimented with this as a result of another thread. And found it in the manual. Just overlooked it.

    I wonder why and how this persistence of value 1000 in large pitchbends can be played....... but I am not a violin player.


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