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Topic: Scarbee VKC in Ableton sampler?

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    Scarbee VKC in Ableton sampler?

    Hi, long time lurker but new poster - with urgent question before 1 June and the 50% off sale is over
    I have Ableton Sampler (the full version, not Simpler) but no other soft sampler.
    I would really like to import and run the Scarbee libraries inside Live.I'm dongle free and dont want to go down the virtual instrument / Halion player route.
    Question - would the Kontakt2 / Halion3 / EXS24 libraries import and play OK in the Ableton Sampler? ( I think all 3 come with the download version). Sampler is *meant* to import these formats OK.
    Also , would anyone care to comment on the 16 vs 24 bit versions - sound quality trade off vs playing live with a macbook pro laptop with 2g ram?
    Very many thanks for any input - before the price goes up again !!

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    Re: Scarbee VKC in Ableton sampler?

    I only tried it (well, only the rhodes) with the Sampler demo - but for me the exs did import quite fine - kontakt did not import release samples. 'Only' the rhodes and the wurly come as exs though .....

    hope that helps


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    Re: Scarbee VKC in Ableton sampler?

    Thanks Steff.

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