I'm sure tomorrow things will look different but.

I've been at this software composing since day one. There's not a learning curve I haven't encountered. I use Pro Tools, Logic and DP and have since their embryonic days. There's not a soft sampler or soft synth I don't use on a daily basis.

I'm fortunate to make my living using these tools and am known in my parts of the world as someone who can be counted on to solve unusual software problems.

I've updated my Garritan Personal Orchestra early this afternoon. Now some six hours later I'm at a complete loss as to how this thing works.

NOTHING is intuitive. I don't get anything. Routing, mixing, sending, receiving, assigning midi channels. Send and returns make NO sense. Instantiation of instruments is at best clumsy and after six hours of trying I'm at wit's end to understand this software.

It took me three minutes to understand the original GPO.

I dunno. This seems nut's to me. Sorta like 12 years ago when I was tryin' to figure out the early days of software computing.

What on EARTH am I'm missing here.


Not this frustrated since 2 track Pro Tools.