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Topic: Sustenuto pedal and string legato.

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    Sustenuto pedal and string legato.

    Hey, it's me again..

    So I read a tutorial from www.kenmorestudios.com. It stated that for the string legato to work, the sustain/sustenuto pedal mode must be changed to "midi cc" in the options in kontakt player. Problem is, once it is changed to "midi cc", the sustenuto pedal for the piano doesn't work properly. So either I get legato, or sustenuto pedal. I can't have both.

    Is there a way to get the best of both worlds? Since i need both the sustenuto pedal and the sustain..
    Or maybe there is an alternative to acheive legatoin strings?
    I'm using Finale 2007 btw..

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    Re: Sustenuto pedal and string legato.


    Good answer.


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