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Topic: chord tool in finale demo

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    Question chord tool in finale demo

    the cm7 chord tool in the palette on the finale demo does not seem to work. the tutorial says to click on it, a menu appears in which one selects the input method to make a chord. i get NO menu whatsoever. at first i thought maybe it was a problem in the download. so it was downloaded a second time. same result - nada. IS the chord tool supposed to work on the demo? one would think so, since chords are so fundamental to music. anyone else had the same problem??
    also, the playback sound - this is not really the GPO , is it? the demo playback sound sounds kinda synthesizer-like to me.
    appreciate all your comments during my learning experience

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    Re: chord tool in finale demo


    I have the full version of Finale, not the demo. So I'm not sure if that tool is active in the demo. You need to input notes into a measure first, then use the chord tool to add a chord symbol to it.

    You can get more Finale questions answered at their forum,

    The sounds in the demo are a softsynth. You get the Finale edition of GPO with the purchase of the full product.


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    Re: chord tool in finale demo

    gracias jeff
    yes, you put in one note and then use the tool. i have sent a msg to the finale support site about it. i am considering buying it but this problem of the chord tool is kinda scary. i did see where i could put in chords one note at a time on the same stem. i suppose the tool is an 'easier' method. we'll see what happens.

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    Re: chord tool in finale demo

    tom - thank you SOO much. i think you have clarified it for me. the tool is for those little boxes with the dots above the staff that one sees in pop music. regular chords are put in without the tool, then.


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    Re: chord tool in finale demo

    tom, YES es sensible. guitar and other types of chords. but the notes for chords on the piano or harp celesta etc go in on the staff the way one would write them on paper - without a tool. thanks again

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