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Topic: vsl ORCHESTRAL (not symphonic) cube PRO question

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    vsl ORCHESTRAL (not symphonic) cube PRO question

    is the orchestral cube pro edition in 24bit or 16bit? I heard it was recorded at 24bit/96khz but is it downsampled/compressed/dithered?

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    Re: vsl ORCHESTRAL (not symphonic) cube PRO question

    It's 24 bit.
    The data is stored using proprietary compression algs but decompresses on they fly to give you the full 24 bits.
    It's not 'compressed' as in 'using a compressor' but as in data compression which reduces redundant numbers.

    example - say one sample (as in 1/44100) reads as follows.


    The data can be stored as
    (4)0 (3)1 (3)0

    Six digits = 10 digits. Less size, less cpu load but just a different way of storing the exact same data.
    When decompressed it will give you completely accurate data streams.

    My example is a super simplification but thats the idea. Too often people confuse "data compression" with the crap that Roland used to market in their VS recorders.
    Real data compression = absolutely no loss in quality = as in all the bits are really still there.

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    Re: vsl ORCHESTRAL (not symphonic) cube PRO question

    well think that the pro edition - that is non VI, isn't it? Generally all the sample libraries for Giga/exs/Kontakt/HAL are 16bit - the VI libraries are 24bit (in a compressed format)

    hope that helps

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    Re: vsl ORCHESTRAL (not symphonic) cube PRO question

    That's correct: The Pro edition (in Giga and EXS 24 formats) is 16 bit. Those same samples are the basis for the new Vienna Instruments which are 24 bit. My understanding is that the original recordings were 24 bit and dithered to 16 for the 1st edition and Pro edition as well as the Horizon series (Opus I+II etc.)

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    Re: vsl ORCHESTRAL (not symphonic) cube PRO question

    Dave is right.

    All samples of the Vienna Symphonic Library are recorded in 24bit/96kHz, and stored and edited in 32bitFP/96kHz thereafter. They get converted to their final delivery format just before mapping. The downsampling is done on behalf of a proprietary algorithm, BTW.

    The Vienna Instruments (the most recent product line, relying on our own player software with lots of unique features) offer 24bit/44.1kHz samples. The data is delivered in a monolithic format, which allows for the minimization of its size using lossless data-compression (not to be mistaken as data-reduction like mp3 and the like).

    The main collection of Vienna Instruments is called Symphonic Cube, consisting of the Vienna Instruments series I. There are additional instruments available in the meantime, called Vienna Instruments II.

    More information about the different formats of the Vienna Symphonic Library is available here:

    -> http://vsl.co.at/en-us/211/280.vsl


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