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Topic: No sound! (new user)

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    No sound! (new user)

    Okay, I have installed Garritan Jazz Band. I placed the library files on a seperate drive. Inside Cubase I load the VSTi, and then load a sample, but I hear no sound. MIDI is reaching it. The app seems to be pointing at the library samples (afterall, the samples load).

    Same problem using Reaper and Standalone

    I'm stumped


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    Re: No sound! (new user)

    The two most likely possibilities: First, that you haven't raised the mod wheel level. Mod wheel controls instrument volume/timbre for wind instruments - it is analagous to blowing air through the instrument; the instrument doesn't make any sound until the air starts moving. This is basic stuff covered in the manual.

    The second most likely possibility is not having the audio output configured properly for your soundcard in the Setup menu.


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    Re: No sound! (new user)


    Thank you for the help! You're correct, it was the Mod Wheel thing.

    BTW, I agree it's basic, but it's covered in the manual in one little paragraph and in very small print (p. 29). Easily overlooked, IMHO

    Thanks again

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    Re: No sound! (new user)

    Hi, Dougal

    I'm glad your problem was so quickly resolved. All of us who have used Garritan instruments for any amount of time had a good idea from reading your post that it was yet again an issue of not understanding about the special use of cc1.

    The issue comes up on such a constant basis that it does seem people aren't seeing this info in their manuals. I don't quite understand though, because it is explained over and over in the GPO manual, and in the copy I have of the JABB manual also.

    At the very start of the JABB manual where it lists minimum requirements, along with RAM size and all those basic system requirements, Mod Wheel is listed as of primary importance.

    Then starting on page 19 where the manual gets to the section about how to use the library, the very first item discussed is the use of Mod Wheel, complete with a good graphic to make it very clear what it does.

    Maybe your manual is different? I don't see reference to Mod Wheel on page 29.

    In any case, you're certainly not the first person who didn't notice this crucial bit of info. Maybe larger fonts done in all bold sprinkled throughout the manuals like WARNINGS would help?

    Have fun making music!

    Randy B.

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