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Topic: Fat Tuesday

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    Fat Tuesday

    The weather's no good for biking again, so the GPOers put together another little jazz group.

    Fat Tuesday, 2:25, 4.5Mb

    It's Mardi Gras party time (with a little Ash Wednesday in the middle).

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    Re: Fat Tuesday

    I was just getting into it again when the bad weather changed and you stopped. Where's that rain man when you need him.
    Anybody posting a tune in this listening room and claiming to be unhappy with it because of poor tools should be ashamed. You manage to get it done regardless.

    Great Work


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    Re: Fat Tuesday

    Hi Darwin - I do like your stuff . If this is what you can do with jazz in GPO, I wonder what you'd do if you had JABB ? (- write a minuet and trio ??) I especially enjoyed the Ash Wednesday bit. Your musicians all decamped pretty abruptly at the end, though - someone must have opened the bar.

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    Re: Fat Tuesday

    Hi, Darwin

    LOVE this. Some really fun, quirky moments, especially when the Clarinet is dancing around with the piano.

    This time around, the Bass is sounding Much better--I can recognize it as a Bass! My response last time didn't seem to be typical, but I really wasn't sure what I was hearing on that other recording.

    Sure is a nice bright tone you've gotten from the GPO Steinway. Are you using the DFD version so you can tweak the velocity response? Or are you using tools in the new KP2?

    Thanks, really neat stuff.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Fat Tuesday

    Hey Ray,

    Sorry for the abrupt ending, it was already past "last call" when they started.


    I'd love to check out JABB, but money's tight. I had every intention of purchasing it at discount during the last "group buy", but I managed to miss the deadline because I was away visiting the folks for Xmas. Oh well.


    Yes, the bass on this is voiced a bit lower and I took your advice on the boominess by shortening the notes. However, just cutting the lengths in the midi editor had no effect, so I was a little mystified. Then I thought to twiddle the knobs on the GPO instrument and that shortened them up just right. This is the full Steinway patch in GPO V1.2, but the piano may sound a little better because the reverb is a SIR convolution of a nice 30x30 room at 24 feet.

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    Re: Fat Tuesday

    Hi, Darwin

    I'm realizing from your new post, that I could have been Much more explanatory what I suggested you try shortening the length of the Bass. I did indeed mean to use the Kontact player's knob to decrease that, not to shorten the note lengths in an editor.

    That parameter can be changed throughout a piece as needed also by MIDI control--ack, I can't find which controller number at the moment--but changing it during a song can be useful at times.

    But basically, I've found the Basses in both GPO and JABB to be far too long, I don't understand how those defaults were arrived at. As you discovered, the instrument's sound is triggered by the MIDI Note On data, and rings out as long as dictated by the length knob.

    Great work on this.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Fat Tuesday

    Aw, tell Ray to just let it loop, Darwin -- works fine that
    way, who needs an ending... rofl.

    Seriously, some darned handsome writing and great piano
    and clarinet work in this... thoroughly enjoyed it (several
    times, in fact).

    For my ears, maybe cut the bass back a little...? Other
    than that, really fine mix, Darwin.

    Shoot us some more... I could listen to this all day.

    My best,


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    Re: Fat Tuesday

    +1 from Kentucky.

    These tired old ears could listen to this all day and then some. Really great stuff.

    We could use some of that rain around here.
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: Fat Tuesday

    Hi David,

    In fact, I do let it loop, as it kind of feeds back into itself. That said, the form is complete as is (AABA). I found I preferred to keep it short and sweet. I'll see about doing another, weather permitting


    Thanks for the shout out from bluegrass country. It's always nice to hear from a fellow blues/jazz fan. The best way to make it rain that I've found is to purchase a bicycle and then make it your intention to go biking an hour or two every day.

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