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Topic: Percussion Demo

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    Percussion Demo

    This is a piece for percussion. It uses EWQLXP samples, a bit of RA, and a little Stormdrum.

    Akudu Percussion Variations

    There's theme and variation, some call and response, and a groove here and there.

    Give it a listen and let me know your take on it.


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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Hi Marko

    Excellent control of the instruments. The blending and shading are just right to my ear. I don't know how you use the midi controls to achieve the sound, but I would like to learn how to mix that well one day.

    A very patient and nice work.

    tony h
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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Very very nice. Good interplay between the "musicians."

    My only constructive criticism: there's very little "low end" . . . even the lower-tuned drums seem to sound mostly in the midrange. Together with the high-freq stuff like the shakers and daf/tambourine/???, the piece seems a little skewed (at least to my ears, listening through my studio monitors) to the treble-y side...

    I think that some "big drum" hits/fills, and maybe even some little tympani/bassdrum rolls ending on each "4" would round out this (already excellent) piece very nicely.

    — alanb




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    Re: Percussion Demo


    I can't comment on the mix as I'm listening on my laptop speakers in a hotel room far, far away, but musically it's top notch!

    Excellent work.


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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Thanks Tony.

    Thanks alanb. I used 2 mic positions and perhaps all 3 mic position would have made a better balance. I'll have to see if I can load all the samples.

    I refrained from putting timpani (as well as snares) in this because I would become obsessed with using them and tweaking them, but the timpani may improve the bottom end.

    Thanks Nick.

    Thanks all for checking this out.


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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Sounds REALLY great! Good job!

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    Re: Percussion Demo


    It sounds that you used a drumpad or something like this?

    Great job!
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    Re: Percussion Demo

    Thanks gregjazz.

    Thanks germancomponist. I did not use a drum pad, but I may have treated my midi keyboard as one. I'll probably have to replace some of the keys if I continue doing this sort of thing.

    Thanks for listening.


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