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Topic: NOTION does compete with the big boys...

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    NOTION does compete with the big boys...

    At least in my studio. I'll be honest- I still buy the big libraries like VSL, Steinberg etc. I have to because some of the projects I work on have to sound ultra real. HOWEVER, for composing, I still turn to NOTION. Why? Because of its interface (strictly music- not technological nonsense). I've begun working on a submission piece for the local (real excellent) orchestra and I didn't turn to VSL and Logic to do so. Nope. I booted up NOTION on my Macbook and let the music ideas fly.

    It will be interesting to see if NOTION developes into a solid film scoring app with the ability to import and view Quicktime or MPEG videos. I do a bit of work in that field and would find that to be great.

    Also, exporting MIDI files would be cool too in the case where one would need to add synth timbres to the score.

    all in all though, NOTION is a major contributer in my daily set-up and the sounds are pretty phenomenal.

    Wow, this could almost be a press release!

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    Re: NOTION does compete with the big boys...

    I agree completely! There are many things that still astound me to this day with Notion. I'm in the film scoring arena as well and would love to be able to import video to work with.

    The one area that I think is Notion's biggest asset is the sound quality. However, I feel like it's right on the borderline between "hey, I don't need any other dedicated sample libraries!" and "gee, I wish the sample quality of (insert instrument) was a little more open and lifelike". I do wish that the horns had a little more openess and space around them- they sound too compressed. Actually, it would be wonderful to be able to have all the samples with less compression (to be able to mix with synths, etc. better).

    I find that with Notion I can write more traditionally for orchestra than I can with other sample libraries, however there are still some things that a real orchestra can do that will still sound too 'synthy' with Notion (certain types of fast moving string lines).

    Notion is a wonderful product and I really do hope it keeps growing and growing. The ultimate dream product for me would be Notion with gorgeous, uncompressed samples that render things like VSL and EWQLSO of no more use to me. When that happens, I will be one happy camper

    Keep up the good work!!

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    Re: NOTION does compete with the big boys...

    The thing I like about Notion is that it allows me to concentrate on the creative aspect of actually writing with a great playback response right away. This helps, as it leaves the tinkering to later. I have been learning Cubase and have begun processing some of my work in Notion through that. I've found that working with the mixer in Notion and then makng more adjustments in Cubase gives amazing results. Notion's out of the box good quality sound allows me to write expressively then mix/adjust. This, to me, is what I love about Notion.


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