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Topic: piano - the pedal - sustain notes

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    Question piano - the pedal - sustain notes

    still much uninformed - and still trying things on the finale demo.
    on the demo - at least - i cannot find anyway to use the pedal to make sounds stay when writing arpeggios and runs. my only recourse has been to repeat all former notes in the run as the run progresses and tie them all. this creates so many notes that the software seems to be confused with all the ties than i must add.
    in the real finale, is there a pedal feature for the piano? as a player, i was always taught to avoid too much pedal, but it's esenciál for various runs, etc.
    what are your experiences with this?
    your feedback has been my real educacion on this so far. thank you for all your knowledge and time

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    Re: piano - the pedal - sustain notes

    with finale, I've found the easiest way to get pedal effects in a piano part is to create invisible/hidden note expressions for pedal on and pedal off (in my case I have a little text expression "ped" for pedal on and one "*" for pedal off).

    when you assign the font, just select the little box that says "hidden".

    if I recall correctly, the pedal effect is controller 64, so make its playback affect controller 64,
    pedal on = value 127
    pedal off = value 0

    then just add them to notes where you want the pedal on and off.

    a quick note: if you are using HumanPlayback, it naturally over-holds notes a fraction, so if you apply a pedal to a note, the preceding note COULD hold as well since it's going to overlap a tiny bit. I find that if an arpeggio needs pedal, I'll often place the pedal marking on the 2nd note of the arpeggio. This way the 1st note also gets affected by the "pedal on" marking.

    oh yes, and since this is a piano part, both staves will likely be on the same channel, so no need to duplicate pedal markings for one staff and the other. One single "ped" or "*" will suffice for both... AND it's quite handy that you can actually place a "pedal on" marking in one staff, and the necessary "pedal off" marking can be in the OTHER staff AND in a different layer as well!! It will still work.

    For an idea of how well this works, take a listen to my clarinet sonata... the piano part is pedalled in a very detailed fashion.

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    Re: piano - the pedal - sustain notes

    thank you michel. a very detailed response. by the way, y ou live in a wonderful city.

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    Re: piano - the pedal - sustain notes

    hehehe thank-you

    I'm glad I could help

    if you need anything else, let me know, you can PM me as well. I'lll see what I can do.

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