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Topic: Version 1.6.1 not up?

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    Version 1.6.1 not up?

    I only see version 1.6 although the email sent indicated 1.6.1 was available.

    just checkin in.


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    Re: Version 1.6.1 not up?

    Tonight I saw that 1.6.1 is finally up and ready to download.
    I successfully downloaded. Great improvements. Thanks!

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    Re: Version 1.6.1 not up?

    I downloaded and installed 1.6.1.

    I was glad to see that the problem with the placement of the D.S al Coda and D.C. al Coda have been fixed. Previously, if I tried to place one of these in a given measure, it showed up in the following measure. Now it goes where I want. But the coda sign itself is still a problem. In fact, it seems that a "to Coda" sign is missing. I would expect to be able to place a coda sign (often called the coda "bug") just before, say, the first ending, and another coda "bug" at the start of the first measure of the coda. The first of these would, in most jazz lead sheets, say "to Coda", while the second would say "Coda". There would be some empty space between the D.S. double bar line and the start of the Coda. I'm sure the Notion folks know all this and just haven't got it all quite functioning yet.

    I understand that "legit" composers are their primary market, and that jazz/pop leadsheets and arrangements are a lower priority. But it is frustrating that this *almost* works.

    A few weeks ago, when I first reported the problems, the Notion support folks did send me a proposed work-around. I appreciate the fact that they are working on it. But I have some jazz arrangements that are ready to go -- except for this bug, so it's frustrating.

    The placement of the D.S. and coda are close enough now that I can offer notated charts as PDF produced by Notion. But if I want to hear the playback complete with D.S., Coda, etc., I have to create a file that does not use those, and copy-paste in the sections to be repeated. So I end up with two copies of the score: one with the D.S. etc that the end-user can print out, and one from which I can create an MP3 file. Not ideal.


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