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Topic: Hello from a new member

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    Hello from a new member

    OK Since Northern Sounds says "Why not start with your first post today and become an active part of northernsounds.com now!" on every page I look at, I will!

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and really glad I finally got through the hoops of setting up my msn account so I could register here. I can tell already I'm going to enjoy this community. I am interested especially in sharing ideas and compositions with other composers of any skill level (ie, I can happily be peer, student or teacher as the situation warrants, although the last will be rare!). Sometimes, just having someone listen to your works attentively, kindly, and intelligently can make all the difference. I am a member of a couple (very small) groups in Colorado that do that for and with each other. If anyone is interested in sharing this way with me over the internet, I'd love it! I write primarily modern classical stuff. You can check out my stuff on my blog kepeace.blogspot.com. Send me a msg if you'd like to share ideas and compositions! I have also been advised that alot of that goes on right here, too, by a kind member of the forum (thanks!)

    BTW, I am really new to forums and how and where to post. So, please be patient with me and "tell me where to go" anytime; i'm directionally challenged in the physical world, too

    Cheers, everyone!


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    Re: Hello from a new member

    Hello Karen and welcome!

    You're right about these forums: they are very active, very friendly, and a great place to expand your musical knowledge and experieces. Glad to have you aboard. As for posting etiquette, if you see a topic that interests you just respond! If you're looking to talk about work posted by others or to post your own check out the Listening Room. Read the stickies on all the boards to get an idea of their focus and how they run.



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