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Topic: Pro Tools GPO problem

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    Pro Tools GPO problem

    boy I hope someone can help me...I'm tearing my hair out. I just got GPO and love the sounds but a couple days ago I started trying to put a string quartet together and I'm having some odd problems. I have a new version of Protools LE with the 003 Digi rack and a little Axiom 25 m-Audio controller. I can set up midi channels for bass, cello, viola and violin with the GPO as an insert on a stereo aux track and draw in the parts on the different string tracks and everything works fine. Then if I try to use any of the MIDI editing functions of Pro Tools (quantize, velocity etc.) the track ends up muted. There is still sound on the MIDI track that is muted because the meter still kicks up in the right places but the out to GPO doesn't seem to work. If i draw in new notes then they and only they will sound. This has happened 3 times on different projects in Pro Tools and the bass on channel 1 always seems to go away. Changing the channel on the out doesn't fix it. I'm sure I'm doing something incredibly stupid but what? Thanks for your help.
    Andy Bullington

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    Re: Pro Tools GPO problem

    No idea about ProTools, just want to help. So does a midi meter move in front of your midi track or the audio meter in GPO? If the second it true then the midi arrives at the Kontakt player, so far so good.

    Check which output channel your instrument uses. You see that in the lower right corner of the data window of the Kontakt player (GPO 1) or in the second row of the GPO 2 instrument definition. Maybe ProTools changes that somehow.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Pro Tools GPO problem

    Thanks for the reply, Hannes. Yes, I'm getting a reading on the MIDI channel meter and something in the Kontact window. It has something to do with the quantize function. I quantize and its mute. I click undo and everything comes back. Very weird.

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