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Topic: Kontact2 and PC Help

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    Kontact2 and PC Help

    What are the recommended specs for a nw PC that is going to run Kontakt2 as a standalone app?

    Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD 64x2? Does Kontakt2 work with dual core processors? What would everyone recommend?

    Is XP Home good enough, or is there and advantage to XP Pro?

    The specs on the NI website seem pretty outdated, so that's why I'm asking here.


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    Re: Kontact2 and PC Help

    Hi Djmaxx and welcome!

    I ran K2 on a laptop with XP Home with no issues
    Laptop specs: AMD Turion X2 ML-54 (dual core), 2GB RAM, XP Home, 128MB nVidia card, odd's 'n' ends.

    I'm also running K2 on a laptop with Vista with minimal issues:
    Specs on this guy: Core 2 Duo 1.83Ghz, 2GB RAM, 128MB nVidia card, odds 'n' ends

    My Intel seems to run a little less CPU strain with K2, but with the different OS (avoid Vista, avoid it I say!!) it's tough to make a direct comparison.

    K2 has a little checkbox in the options menu for multiprocessor support.

    XP Pro SP1 (or 2 if you use the system for internet) is your best bet for a stable audio- and audio-network-friendly machine, but XP Home will do just fine. Upgrades to Pro seem to be dirt cheap if you decide otherwise later.


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    Re: Kontact2 and PC Help


    i don't know if this site reccomends actual machines but it is very helpful for pc audio. (i'm a mac man with a dual athlon or something or other running K2, and it works great. i also have the RME 9652 audio card.)


    it was built by


    These are VERY helpful and friendly people. I like the NEKO a lot. maybe that's the next purchase for me.

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